Europe to Cockblock American Travelers Over Coronavirus Hoax

The “explosion” of infections sure hasn’t been linked to an explosion of deaths, that’s for sure.

The entire coronavirus hoax is designed to hurt Donald Trump’s chances in the election. They are playing up a huge second hoax, where they claim that “infections are soaring” because they’re doing more testing and thus finding out about people who have the virus but little or no symptoms.

Europe is of course on board with doing this hoax against Trump.

New York Times:

The European Union is ready to bar most travelers from the United States, Russia, and dozens of other countries considered too risky because they have not controlled the coronavirus outbreak, E.U. officials said Friday.

By contrast, travelers from more than a dozen countries that are not overwhelmed by the coronavirus are set to be welcomed when the bloc reopens after months of lockdown on July 1. The acceptable countries also include China — but only if China allows European Union travelers to visit as well, the officials said.

The list of safe countries was completed by E.U. senior diplomats in Brussels after tortuous negotiations on how to reopen the 27-member bloc to commerce and tourism under a common set of standards after months of lockdown.

The list was backed in principle by most E.U. ambassadors and does not require unanimous support, but still needs to be formalized in member states’ capitals as well as in the central European Union bureaucracy before taking effect July 1. Diplomats did not expect the list to change.

E.U. officials first disclosed on Tuesday that the United States, which has reported more coronavirus deaths and infections than any other country, was highly unlikely to make the final list.

The exclusion of the United States, an important source of tourism to the European Union, represented a stinging rebuke to the Trump administration’s management of the coronavirus scourge.

Yeah, see – the Times will even admit this is an attack on Donald Trump.


Everything is against the man. They want more than anything for him to fail, so they can rush in with their madness and just begin outright killing whites.

We need to figure out a way to get him reelected. I think we need to do door-to-door, telling people that if they don’t vote Trump, the blacks will come to their house and kill them. Because that is the truth.

You’re going to be in a situation where:

  • The blacks come to your house
  • You call the police
  • The police don’t come
  • If you kill the blacks, you’ll be charged with murder
  • If you let the blacks kill you, it won’t be investigated
  • If you complain about blacks being allowed to kill people, you’ll be arrested for hate speech
  • The media will say that it’s good blacks are killing whites, while at the same time denying that it’s happening

This is what’s happening.

I’m not lying to you. You’ve seen me be right about how many things already? Well, I’m right about this.

We have to get Trump reelected. If we do that, we can maybe get Tucker Carlson elected in 2024. At the very least, we’ll have a little bit more time to plan and prepare for the opening of hell’s gates.