Europe on Brink of Even Greater Refugee Flood Thanks to Turkey!

Roy Batty (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2019

This is what happens when you show even the slightest weakness, and when you let your guard down. The savages notice and they begin to start thinking that you are weak, and ripe for takeover.


Europe may soon face a massive inflow of refugees and migrants that will be even bigger than at the peak of the infamous crisis, Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has warned, urging to assist Greece and Turkey.

“We must do more to help our European partners with controls on the EU external borders. We have left them alone for too long,” the minister told German Bild am Sonntag newspaper in the wake of his visit to Greece and Turkey, where he also discussed migration policies.

Methinks that no one thought this through.

Why would the Third World sludge flood stop just because Europe decided to let in three million or so of them in one year? There are far more than 3 million poor people in the Third World.

We all remember that Gallup poll from last year, don’t we?

The one that showed that 33% of Africa and 24% of the Middle East wants to move to Europe?

That’s hundreds of millions of people, friend.

And they’re fertile.

Seeing as I know that you Gen Z niggas don’t read anymore, I will mention it yet again: This is exactly like the scenario described in Camp of the Saints. 

If I could convince Gen Z/Millennials to do anything, it would be this:

  1. Relearn how to read
  2. Read Camp of the Saints
  3. Give it to your Boomer parents to read when you are done
  4. Get them “hooked on phonics” if they have forgotten how to read as well

This is by far the best red-pill book out there. Read it. Do it. Cover to cover. You won’t be disappointed.


Seehofer also warned that if Europe does not find “strength to solve this problem” it could see a “loss of control” in case another refugee crisis breaks out. The minister, who spoke with the Turks and the Greeks with the incoming EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, vowed that the two countries will do “everything so that it does not happen again.”

Turkey is holding a loaded gun towards Europe’s temple… again.

When are we going to just sit down like adults and do something about Turkey, once and for all? This is getting out of hand. I think we’ve let this thing run amok for long enough. They are a sick joke that need to be put down once and for all.

Of course, they won’t be because NATO needs them to launch an invasion of Russia’s southern border, should it come to that. Just like German factions needed them to be used against the Balkans way back when. And how France needed them to be used against the Hapsburgs. And how the UK needed to use them against Russian expansion south.

But yeah, I’m sure bribing the Turks to play nice will work out real nice for Europe this time. 

The German minister’s statements indeed come amid a growing number of the new arrivals at the Greek coasts. According to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), more migrants crossed from Turkey to Greece by sea in the nine months of this year than in 2018.

Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper cited an internal EU commission report saying that more than 46,000 refugees and migrants arrived to the EU from Turkey by the end of September, which is 23 percent more than over the same period last year. The same document says that 25,000 more are expected to come by the end of 2019. These figures are still far lower than the 2015 numbers, when Europe saw almost one million refugees.

I don’t know where they’re getting these one million figures when the EU basically threw up its hands and said that they had no clue, and I distinctly remember people talking about one million doctors and engineers going to Germoney alone.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from 2015 onwards, it is that you have to trust the evidence of your lying eyes. Go to Europe and you’ll see a shitton of people running around in black and brown face. America has gotten significantly worse since 2015 as well.

Clearly, someone is fudging the figures and hiding something from us.

Turkey is milking this for everything that it’s worth though.

I don’t know how normies reconcile the fact that Erdogan is threatening Europe with refugees and the establishment line that refugees are our strength… but clearly, they somehow do.

Either flooding someone with refugees is an act of war or an act of kindness.

Something is either good, and you want it, or it is bad, and you do not want it.

So, like, okay – have you ever heard someone say either of the following:

  • “Fleshing-eating bacteria released among our population is our greatest strength and anyone who disagrees with us about that on Facebook has to go to prison,” or
  • “Our damn bastard enemy is threatening to deliver more of those really expensive fancy cakes to my daughter’s wedding! The sonovabitch also says he has a crate of luxury moisturizing lotion from France, individually packaged in little boxes with a lacy bow for each one of the guests! If we don’t pay for him to build a Japanese rock garden in his backyard, he’s releasing the extravagant gifts!”

Because either one of the other of those things must be…

Ah, heck it.

It’s just too much, at this point.

Moving on…

The deal that Erdogan wants is for the West to stop supporting the Kurds, and let his army mop them up + more Germoney gibs.

In mid-September, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to open refugee floodgates to Europe if Brussels does not assist Ankara in its plans to create 32-kilometer-wide “safe zone” inside northeastern Syria currently held by the Kurdish YPG militia, which Turkey considers terrorists. 

The Kurds appear to be an Israeli/US project to destabilize the region and pave the way for Greater Israel, so whatever, I say make the deal if you must.

But knowing the Turks, this will only embolden them further.

“If you can’t accept this business, we will open the gates. Let them [refugees] go from there wherever they want,” Erdogan told Reuters at the time. He also issued a scathing rebuke to the EU by saying that the financial assistance Turkey received from Europe is insufficient and that his nation already spent $40 billion hosting 3.6 million people, who fled to Turkey since 2011 when the Syrian conflict erupted.

Erdogan has all the incentives in the world to flood Europe with Moslems that he can then reclaim in the name of the Caliphate when the time comes.

So, ideally, and I’m just spitballing here – we just nuke ’em, reinstate Christendom and stop listening to Jews trying to get us to squabble amongst ourselves.

Besides, Turkey really shouldn’t exist anyway. It is a joke of history and one that isn’t very funny anymore – despite the surprising number of Turkey/Ottoman related memes in my “Turkish memes” folder.

No really, the only people who would be sad to see Turkey go would be the people who make these memes.