Europe Officially Cockblocks US Citizens from Entering Post-Lockdown

The EU just announced that after they open up their borders, Americans will not be allowed to travel to the bloc. Because of coronavirus.

CNN has an article entitled

This is the “one graphic”:

It’s just so insane what the media is doing, given that it is just such a completely transparent hoax. The US has been doing mass testing. This means that cases that wouldn’t have been known before are being found. They are not saying this.

According to the same people that produced the above graph – the Centers for Disease Control – we also have fewer deaths now than at any point in this “pandemic.”

Compare the graph of deaths to the graph of cases:

So, according to what they’re saying, the virus is now at least an order of magnitude less deadly than it was in March. No one is actually claiming that, of course, they’re just showing you the chart that says more people have tested positive.

But they don’t show the chart with the deaths going down, and they definitely don’t show you the chart that makes it all make sense, which is the chart that shows the number of tests being done.

It’s just simply mind-boggling, what is going on here.

We get it that the media will lie outrageously about anything. But in this case, it would just be so easy for anyone to say, “yeah, but wait a minute here…” The thing is, there is no one to point out how fake this is. We now live in a total grid of complete information control, and the average person has no access to any real information. They’re not going to go look it up themselves.

It’s nothing but hoaxes from here on out.