Europe Finally Beginning Ethnic Cleansing – Of Russians Tho

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

Europe must drive out the foreign invasion… of Russian spies.

This Russian meddling crap is really getting out of hand. While all these European countries are getting overrun with Moslem terrorists and worthless cannibal niggers by the millions, they worry about a few Russians supposedly spying on them.

Or pretend to, at the very least.

Washington Post:

When two men suspected of poisoning former Russian spy Sergei Skripal appeared on Russian television earlier this month, the bizarre interview set the stage for another round of Western-Russian accusations. Viewers around the world subsequently mocked the pair, who had quickly become the world’s most famous suspected Russian spying duo.

Their appearance came against a backdrop of what seems to be a string of defeats in Europe for Russia’s military spy agency, the GRU, and mass expulsions of Russian diplomats and spies earlier this year shortly after the Skripal poisoning.

Reminder that no one serious actually believes that Russia is behind the Skripal poisoning. It was a complete hoax manufactured by the Britbong government.

Exactly the kind of person who’d do such a thing.

On Friday, in the latest incident, Norwegian authorities arrested a 51-year-old Russian man on suspicion that he unlawfully gathered information during an inter-parliamentary seminar on digitization this month in Norway. After the detention was made public by authorities Sunday, the Russian Embassy in Norway rejected the accusation as “absurd.”

Earlier this month, Estonia arrested a military officer and his father — both Russian-Estonian citizens — and accused the two of having spied for Russia for more than half a decade. About 300,000 of Estonia’s 1.3 million citizens belong to the country’s Russian-speaking minority, and officials have struggled to bridge the divide between the two groups ever since Estonia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Amid its proximity to Russia and its complicated history, tiny Estonia has charged at least 12 alleged spies over the last 10 years. But Estonian officials say the high detention numbers are also due to the less than hush-hush approach to dealings with accused spies. Whereas some other countries have hesitated to make cases public, Estonia says it has “chosen a path of transparency,” according to a government statement provided to the Moscow Times.

In other words, they’re doing this for propaganda purposes, rather than because they’re actually worried about Russian spying.

When you actually care about foiling spying operations, you do things subtly – you feed the spies wrong information, you move them to innocuous positions, you negotiate deals with the spy’s host nation… You don’t just make a public spectacle out of it.

Case in point:

In any case, the subsequent investigation appears to have provided European agencies with a number of details. Investigative journalism sites Bellingcat and Russia Insider reported last week that the passport files of the two men accused of poisoning Skripal — Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov — shared similar features with a number of other files that are believed to be associated with Russian spies, including phone numbers tied to military facilities and a similar passport issuing authority and number.

These people are such retards.

Are you telling me… That the Europeans found a way to identify Russian spies with their passport numbers… And they’re telling everyone about it?

“Hey, Russia, you might want to switch up how you assign passports to your spies, we can identify them lol.”

This is either complete bullshit (which is the most likely scenario) or European intelligence agencies are so inept that they should be imprisoned for criminal incompetence.

What’s really happening is that most of not all these high profile “arrests” are just propaganda fodder.

We’ve had one right here in the US after all.

Definitely a Russian spy lol.

The authorities in the West are whipping up these hoax stories in a desperate attempt to get people riled up against Russia, instead of being riled up against their own governments for letting their nations be invaded by third-world subhumans.

It doesn’t appear to be working.