EU Triples Shekels for Assisted Invasion of Itself

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

April 24, 2015

It's party time now, muffugguhs.  Yall gon git raped.
It’s party time now, muffugguhs. Yall gon git raped.

These days, if you want your country invaded and conquered by a foreign people, you just have to do it yourself.


European leaders are to triple funding for search-and-rescue operations aimed at migrant boats in the Mediterranean following crisis talks in Brussels.

The EU will also look at ways to capture and destroy smugglers’ boats and deploy immigration officers to non-EU countries, officials said.

Several EU member states have promised more ships and other resources.

The summit comes after more than 750 people died on a boat crossing from Libya on Sunday.

The boost in funding to some €120m (£86m) brings spending back up to about the level of Mare Nostrum, an Italian-run search-and-rescue operation that was cancelled last year.

Several member states pledged additional naval resources on Thursday.

The UK – in the past a leading advocate of reducing naval patrols – said it would contribute helicopter carrier HMS Bulwark, two patrol boats and three helicopters. Germany, France and Belgium also offered ships.

Better get prepared to increase the funding for rape counselling as well, goyim. Also, funding for dem programs. These hundreds of thousands of people you’re bringing into your countries from sub-Saharan Africa simply because they are showing up need food, shelter, clothing, education, seelfongs, addictive drugs, White women and so on.

But you owe it to them, goyim. After all, you did the six trillion lampshades, and so you must pay. Forever or until you stop existing completely.

From Libya, Right?

They keep saying these boats are “coming from Libya,” but what is being avoided, for the most part in the MSM, is that these people are not Libyan but are coming from various sub-Saharan African countries.  Their countries are in no more of less of an emergency than they have been for the last 5 or so decades, for the most part.  These are simply economic immigrants, entering Europe for the purpose of acquiring free everything from Whitey.