EU Swine Gloat Over Wilders Loss, Celebrate Popular Support for End of White Race

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2017

Angela “Let Them Eat Kebab” Merkel laughed with her kikes as Netherlands decided to pull the trigger on the gun in its mouth.

The shills, Moslems, women and Jews are on parade following the brutal massacre in the Netherlands last night, gloating that they will utterly annhilate the European race through mass Islamic invasion and Islamization.

“And there’s nothing your little Donald can do to stop us,” say they.

But is it true?

Daily Express:

Marine Le Pen’s rival has congratulated Mark Rutte’s election victory over nationalist Geert Wilders in the Dutch election, as world leaders welcome the result.

French, German and EU leaders welcomed Mr Rutte’s victory signalling the election is a blow to populism and the rise of Marine Le Pen.

Centrist Emmanuel Macron, tipped by most polls to end up in a second-round runoff against Front National’s Marine Le Pen in the upcoming French presidential election, said the Dutch election was a warning to the right.

Mr Macron said: “The Netherlands is showing us a breakthrough for the extreme right is not a foregone conclusion and that progressives are gaining momentum.

Outgoing French president Francois Hollande congratulated Mr Rutte on his victory in an election watched closely by Europe ahead of France’s presidential ballot.

Mr Hollande said: “The President warmly congratulates Mark Rutte for his clear victory against extremism.

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault tweeted: “Congratulations to the Dutch for stemming the rise of the far-right.

Dutch centre-right Mr Rutte scored a victory over Geert Wilders despite losing a number of seats, offering relief to other governments across Europe facing a wave of nationalism.

Mr Rutte declared it an “evening in which the Netherlands, after Brexit, after the American elections, said ‘stop’ to the wrong kind of populism.”

This is some new meme I’ve seen over the last week – “the wrong kind of populism.”

There can never be such a thing as “multicultural populism,” and their certainly can’t be a pro-sexual pervert and multicultural populism. It is an oxymoron.

The concept of populism is to appeal to the majority – that is to say the dominant culture – and the concept of multiculturalism is to deny the existence of the majority and the dominant culture, to destroy it.

The progressive agenda necessitates war against the people themselves by the government. There is no possibility of “populism” there.

So, what is the “right kind of populism”?


Because whatever you want to say about Islam, it is that.

I think what happened is that they realized that attacking populism as a negative phenomenon was counterproductive propaganda. People are just like “yeah but why would you be against that tho?”

So now they pretend that there is some other kind that they think isn’t bad.

The thing is: that is Islam.

The election was seen as the first of three big tests this year of anti-establishment sentiment in the EU with France and Germany also set to go to the polls.

France chooses its next president, with Ms Le Pen set to make the second-round run-off in May, while in September right-wing eurosceptic party Alternative for Germany, which has attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy, will probably win its first lower house seats.

Team Merkel appeared overjoyed at Mr Rutte’s victory, with the German Chancellor calling Mr Rutte to congratulate him.

Mrs Merkel told Mr Rutte she looked forward to “good cooperation as friends, neighbours and Europeans.”

She said: “The Netherlands are our partners, friends, neighbours. Therefore I was very happy that a high turnout led to a very pro-European result, a clear signal.

“And that after days in which the Netherlands had to tolerate accusations and reproaches from Turkey which are totally unacceptable… It was a good day for democracy.”

Peter Altmaier, the German Chancellery chief of staff, tweeted: “The Netherlands you are a champion. We love Orange for your actions and what you do.

SPD chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, said the Dutch had given a clear rejection of “the agitation of Geert Wilders and his unspeakable attitude towards entire population groups”.

He said: ”This is good news for Europe and for the Netherlands.”

The European Parliament also welcomed the vote as European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said the election was “a vote against extremists”.

Mr Juncker said the result was “an inspiration for many”.

He said: ”The people of the Netherlands voted overwhelmingly for the values Europe stands for: free and tolerant societies in a prosperous Europe.

“Let us build a strong Europe together.”

“Together with the foreign hordes.”

Good luck, Europe.

Good luck.