EU Suing Hungary and Poland for Not Going Full Anal

If you don’t want the thing pictured above in charge of your kids, you’re evil.

It’s current year already, folks.

Time to give up your son’s anus.

We had the Bible for years, now it is the time for homosexuals to ravish the anuses of young boys.

The Guardian:

The EU executive has launched legal action against Hungary and Poland to defend LGBTQ+ rights in the latest battle over values with the two nationalist governments in central Europe.

The announcement that Hungary and Poland’s governments could end up in the EU’s highest court is part of an ongoing existential fight for the rule of law and freedom from discrimination in the heart of Europe.

The case against Hungary was triggered by a recently adopted law banishing LGBTQ+ people from books and TV for under-18s, a measure denounced as “shameful” by the European Commission’s president, Ursula von der Leyen. In Poland, the commission considers local authorities have failed to help with its inquiries into resolutions in favour of “LGBT ideology free zones”, passed in more than 100 Polish towns and villages.

“This law uses the protection of children, to which we are all committed, as an excuse to severely discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. This law is disgraceful,” von der Leyen told MEPs last week.

The homosexualists can’t really make the argument that they’re not going after kids anymore. Instead, they just say it’s good and if you don’t surrender your son’s anus to your local anal rammers, you’re pure evil.

Apparently, people in Western Europe and America are mostly just okay with the terms of the surrender of their sons’ anuses.

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