EU Starts Babbling About South China Sea Fishing Rights

If China wants the South China Sea – who cares?

What does this have to do with Europe or America?


The European Union called out China on Saturday for endangering peace in the South China Sea and urged all parties to abide by a 2016 tribunal ruling which rejected most of China’s claim to sovereignty in the sea, but which Beijing has rejected.

The EU last week released a new policy aimed at stepping up its influence in the Indo-Pacific region to counter China’s rising power.

The Philippines on Friday protested to China over its failure to withdraw what it called as “threatening” boats believed to be manned by maritime militia around the disputed Whitsun Reef, which Manila calls the Julian Felipe Reef.

“Tensions in the South China Sea, including the recent presence of large Chinese vessels at Whitsun Reef, endanger peace and stability in the region,” a EU spokesperson said in a statement on Saturday.

EU reiterated its strong opposition to “unilateral actions that could undermine regional stability and international rules-based order”.

It urged all parties to resolve disputes peacefully in accordance with international law, and highlighted a 2016 international arbitration that had ruled in favor of the Philippines while invalidating most of China’s claims in the South China Sea.

China actually has a valid historic claim to these waters, given that they were the only ones really doing big merchant work over the last thousand years.

But seriously, either way – who cares? And why do they care?

Filipino fishing rights? This is the thing that Europeans are concerned about right now?

Is there even any evidence that Filipinos are being blocked from fishing in the territories claimed by China?