EU Seeks Travel Ban Over SUPER MUTANT Virus

The SUPER MUTANT variant is happening.

I wrote about this today – this does appear to be the big one.

We’ve heard about these various variants for months now, and I knew well that one of them would be hit on as the reason to implement the Dark Winter.

They’ve settled on the SUPER MUTANT.


The European Commission has mooted stopping all air travel from southern Africa amid rising concerns about a variant of Covid-19 that appears to have mutated to circumvent the body’s immune system.

In a tweet on Friday, EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said the bloc would be taking emergency action.

“The Commission will propose, in close coordination with Member States, to activate the emergency brake to stop air travel from the southern African region due to the variant of concern B.1.1.529,” she said.

The move would follow a ban introduced by Britain, which described the new strain as “the most significant variant they’ve encountered to date.” The UK has banned flights from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Eswatini.

Speaking on Thursday, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) technical head on Covid-19, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, said the body would gather experts on Friday to discuss the new variant.

Here’s that stupid whore.

Of course, as all readers of this website are aware, there are no variants and there isn’t even a virus.

There is a virus, but it’s just the flu. They renamed the flu.

Of course, now that so many people are dying from the vaccine, they can just point at vaccine deaths and say that they are being caused by the SUPER MUTANT.

As predicted by me, the SUPER MUTANT, according to their lore, bypasses the vaccine, so there is no need to explain why everyone dying “from the virus” is vaccinated.

Everything that I said was going to happen has happened, and the next thing that I said was going to happen is now beginning to happen.

This was all so painfully obvious.

And never once did I ever ask any of you people to take my word for it. I went through and meticulously explained to you how I’d reached my conclusions. But some of you are too stupid, delusional, or brainwashed to listen to what I told you.

Now, you’re going to pay for that.

I have no idea how many of you listened to me. But I hope it was a lot.

We’re getting to the point now where it is going to be too late to do anything. I am expecting things to not get bad until January, but the clamps could really start coming down any time.