EU Says Opposition to George Soros is Anti-Semitic

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2017

I like it a lot when liberals agree with right-wingers for the wrong reasons.

However, the thing that I love most is when the Jews agree with our conclusions, for the exact same reasons, but with a different motivation.

That is truly the best.

The Forward:

A leading official in the European Commission — one of the European Union’s governing bodies — implied that efforts by Hungary’s prime minister to shut down a university founded by George Soros are anti-Semitic.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has long harbored animosity toward Soros, a Hungarian-born Jewish financier who has donated millions of dollars to liberal causes. Orban is now defending controversial legislation that many see as an attempt to shut down Central European University, a highly respected university Soros founded in 1991.

Orban told the European Parliament on Wednesday that Soros is an “American financial speculator attacking Hungary” who has “destroyed the lives of millions of Europeans.”

The following day, European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmerman, a center-left Dutch politician, agreed when asked if he thought Orban’s comments sounded anti-Semitic.

“I understood that exactly the same way and was appalled,” Timmerman said, according to Euractiv.

As anti-Semites, our fight is not actually against the Jews.

The Jews are a tiny global minorities – 0.02% of the global population – who would have no power on their own.

The only power that Jews have is the power that they are given by non-Jews, who willing do their bidding (wittingly or unwittingly, it is always willingly).



For most people, they either:

  1. Doing the bidding of Jews willingly, but without knowing the bidding they are doing is that of the Jews, or
  2. Opposing the agenda of the Jews, without knowing that Jews are behind that agenda, and thus never able to strike at the root of the problem

So, one of our biggest goals is to prove that both financial elite globalism and modern social liberalism – both of which George Soros is an iconic representative of – are in fact Jewish.


Leftists are unaware that their ideology is the product of a global financial elite – the Jews – and that everything that they push is ultimately beneficial to this global financial elite. Tucker Carlson recently brilliantly pointed this out during a debate about immigration with a May Day pro-invasion protester.


Most of the people who are against liberalism are not against the Jews, because they are unaware of the fact that liberalism is a Jewish plot.

Conservatives tend to be more individualistic than liberals, and so when you point out Jews pushing the liberal agenda, they take the position of “well, this is just an individual Jew.”

Jews Admitting That Being Against Liberalism is Anti-Semitic

When the establishment openly admits that liberalism/globalism – in this case, the agenda of George Soros – is a Jewish agenda, by claiming that being against liberalism/globalism is “Anti-Semitic,” they are agreeing with our core premise: that to be against liberalism/globalism, you must be an Anti-Semite.

If leftists were to realize that Jews collectively are behind big business and the financial establishment, and conservatives were to realize that Jews collectively are behind the liberal social agenda, the fight would pretty much be over.

So the establishment admitting that George Soros – who represents both the globalist financial agenda and the liberal social agenda – is a Jew, and that opposition to him is anti-Jewish, is pretty much the best thing ever.

Thanks, Frans.