EU Rejects Hungarian City from Capital of Culture Contest for Being Too White and Happy

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2018

The EU’s vision for Europe.

All political and economic unions have a guiding vision, and the European Union’s vision is one of the most ambitious of all: to create a Europe in which everyone is a caramel-colored mongrel who spends their lives fighting for rat meat atop the smoldering ruins of a once great civilization.

And you’ve got to admit that the EU is pretty dedicated to realizing that vision. Since the so-called “migrant crisis” of 2015, many parts of Europe – especially the major Western cities – have become filled with illegal vibrants who continue to enrich the lives of the white natives with their machetes, bombs and cuisine.

Still, there has been some resistance to the agenda.

For some reason, those weird Eastern Europeans don’t seem to share their Western kinsmen’s love of Third Worlders. This is especially true of the Hungarians, who recently caused an uproar in Brussels after submitting video footage of a white city to the EU’s Capital of Culture contest.


The European Union Capital of Culture competition has rejected the city of Székesfehérvár after claiming a video presented by the city’s mayor showed the city to be too white and Christian.

Székesfehérvár, which was competing with several other Hungarian cities in the contest, presented a short video to the judges at the political bloc showing why the city should be shortlisted for the project.

According to Székesfehérvár mayor András Cser-Palkovics, the committee who watched the film dismissed it as a “propaganda film of white Christian Europe”.

Mr Cser-Palkovics congratulated the three cities that had been shortlisted for the project but said that one of the EU “experts” said his city’s video was “a propaganda film of white Christian Europe, everyone is white, happy, dancing in the streets.”

The mayor claimed that one of the panel, a Belgian politician, “objected to the identity of the application based on the Greek, Roman, and Christian-Jewish cultures.”

“In the context of the applications, almost nothing was done, they did not deal with sustainability, funding, and did not deal with programs or investments, but only with daily political and ideological accusations. Just because we take pride in our cultural values. The cross is not only a religious but also a cultural value, and gives it the diversity that makes us proud of Europe,” he added.

The European Capitals of Culture initiative, started in 1985, is touted as promoting the diversity of Europe by highlighting different cities across the continent in an effort to promote a European identity.

The offending film, which caused many of the EU judges to rush to the toilet, retching and dry heaving.

The reason the EU rejected this film, of course, is that this city – and many others like it in Eastern Europe – disprove the prevailing narrative that Europe is multiracial, has always been multiracial, and can only survive if it remains multiracial.

And that makes it politically dangerous for the EU, whose continued existence depends upon the perpetuation of that narrative.

After all, what if the young white kids growing up in Berlin or Paris, who believe that multiracialism is normal because it’s all they’ve ever known, were to see this film and find out that it’s not normal?

What if those same kids were to notice that people are happier when surrounded by their own kind and united under a common belief?

Yup, way too many inconvenient questions could be asked if this film were to be exposed to a wider audience. Better to reject it outright and let a more progressive and tolerant city, such as Malmö, win the contest instead.

Wait, are those huwhites in the background? Okay, never mind, the EU would reject Malmö too.