EU Ready to Cockblock US Travelers Again

It’s just two more weeks to slow the spread.


The European Union on Friday moved to reinstate COVID travel restrictions like quarantine and testing requirements for unvaccinated citizens of the United States and five other countries, two diplomats told Reuters.

EU countries started a procedure to remove the United States from a list of countries whose citizens can travel to the 27-nation bloc without additional COVID restrictions.

The non-binding list currently has 23 countries on it, including Japan, Qatar and Ukraine, but some of the 27 EU countries already have their own limits on U.S. travellers in place.

One diplomat said other countries that would be removed from the safe travel list were Kosovo, Israel, Montenegro, Lebanon and North Macedonia.

The decision on new EU travel restrictions for foreigners would become final on Monday should no EU country object, the sources, as well as two more EU officials, added.

Wow, anti-Semitism.

It’s all so exhausting, watching this play out, and watching so many morons unwilling to listen to the obvious fact that these are not just random decisions being made by governments based on data.

Everything that they want to do has already been decided.

They are not going to allow travel for the masses of slaves. They are doing all of this back and forth, pretending as though the decisions are being made in real time, but it’s all pushing toward a goal.

They want the people to have no work, to live in tiny apartments, to eat bugs, to be prevented from traveling outside of a small radius of their home. They invented this virus hoax in order to justify doing all of these things they’d already been planning to do, and then say “oh well, we couldn’t help but do all these things – there was a virus!”

It’s just amazing how many people will believe in this complete nonsense.