EU Parliament Approves Law to Ban Memes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2019


Memes are illegal in Europe now.

This is what happens when you lose your guns. They come for your memes.


The European Parliament has backed controversial copyright laws critics say could change the nature of the net.

The new rules include holding technology companies responsible for material posted without proper copyright permission.

Many musicians and creators say the new rules will compensate artists fairly – but others say they will destroy user-generated content.

The Copyright Directive was backed by 348 MEPs, with 278 against.

The laws on copyright were last amended in 2001.

It has taken several revisions for the current legislation to reach its final form.

It is now up to member states to approve the decision. If they do, they will have two years to implement it once it is officially published.

The two clauses causing the most controversy are known as Article 11 and Article 13.

Article 11 states that search engines and news aggregate platforms should pay to use links from news websites.

Article 13 holds larger technology companies responsible for material posted without a copyright licence.

It means they would need to apply filters to content before it is uploaded.

Article 13 does not include cloud storage services and there are already existing exemptions, including parody.

The European Parliament said that memes – short video clips that go viral – would be “specifically excluded” from the Directive, although it was unclear how tech firms would be able to enforce that rule with a blanket filter.

That’s bullshit.

Of course it is impossible to not ban memes under this legislation – the entire point of the legislation is to ban memes. It serves no other purpose. Copyright law already exists, and fair use law – which this law supersedes – was designed to make sure companies didn’t lose money from people borrowing small parts of their content.

And it isn’t just video, although for whatever reason that is the only thing the BBC is mentioning.

Maybe they don’t know what memes are?

Here’s a meme for you, BBC:

Yes, this law also applies to image memes.

It basically means that every meme on the internet which has a source in copyrighted content is banned. That is, they’re going to do what the ADL did to Pepe, where even Smug Pepe, Apu Apustaja and Groyper – none of which the artist drew – were all considered a violation of Matt Furie’s copyright and thus anyone who posts them are subject to Jewish lawfare. Even though the law in the US clearly states that we are allowed, under fair use, to take little pieces of copyrighted content and do whatever the hell we want with them.

This is yet another case of the entire Jew agenda getting BTFO by the internet, and the Jews responding with aggressive restrictions on internet freedoms.

It is simply a massive censorship measure that is so overreaching and extreme that it couldn’t ever be based under the banner of censorship, and so it is passed under the guise of copyright, even though I haven’t ever seen Disney or Netflix complaining about the threat of memes based on their copyrighted intellectual properties to their business model.

I have no idea how this is even enforceable. They’re going to try to make all of the companies monitor this stuff themselves, and that is insane.

And if the tech companies do do it, it is going to affect people in America and other non-shit countries. Because they are attempting to standardize the way they manage content from country to country, and if memes are just outright illegal in the entire European market, they are going to start limiting memes in non-EU countries just to try to simplify moderation.

Also an Attack on Blogs

Along with banning memes, they’re also basically banning blogs. Article 11 says that news aggregators have to pay to use the content of news websites. The entire concept of blogging is to be able to quote little bits of news outlets, and this was previously legally protected (and still is in the US and every other country).

Banning blockquoting news sources effectively destroys the entire concept of a blog.

I think you would be hardpressed to find anyone who isn’t a Jew terrorist trying to shut everything down who thinks that both memes and blogs should be banned as concepts. And yet here you have the EU doing exactly that – even after a massive pushback.

Once again we see that democracy is literally the least free and most oppressive possible system of government.

The entire concept of democracy is designed to screw over the masses. In a democracy, the only power rests in money and the media, and when Jews control both, you might as well have a Bolshevik Jew commissar living in your kitchen and beating you which a whip every time you do or say something he disagrees with.

We need to form a new system of government that doesn’t allow for this kind of Jewish manipulation, and we need to do it quickly.

In fact, the Constitution would have been fine. It didn’t prescribe universal suffrage democracy. It was based on the Roman Republic.

The single problem with the Constitution is that it didn’t prevent what we have now. But it could have, if it would have explicitly said “no Jews, ever, at all, not even one, under any circumstance.”

But, you know, back then the Jews weren’t really a thing. As I’ve said many times, they only really gained this insane amount of power due to the industrial revolution and urbanization. Back in the day, they were simply considered a nuisance creature.

Whatever the case, we have to end democracy to save our memes and blogs.

Memes should be a first principle of society itself.