EU: Mealworms Approved for Human Consumption

All the good goyim are eating bugs to stop the weather from changing.

Inside FMCG:

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved mealworms as safe food for human consumption, providing a huge boost for the burgeoning edible insect industry.

The decision was made based on the work done by a French IPIFF Food Task Force and its members. However, the favourable assessment will have to be confirmed by the European Commission’s Health Directorate General, which will give the final authorisation for market approval in the European Union.

The announcement has been hailed as a giant leap forward for the industry, paving the way for future approvals of ‘defatted insect protein consumption’.

“This breakthrough is a major achievement that rewards the work that has been done for years by the entire European insect industry gathered under the IPIFF umbrella,” said Antoine Hubert, CEO of Ynsect. “We hope that this positive assessment will be the first of many.”

I will say it again and again: the one thing you have to say about the bug diet is that it’s safer than veganism.

But yeah: they’re planning on making you eat bugs because they’re going to tell you if you don’t it will offend Gaia and change the weather.

It’s like the thing with the Aztecs, where if they didn’t do enough human sacrifices, the Sun would disappear forever.

We have to trust the priests and eat the bugs if we don’t want the apocalypse to come.