EU Kikes to Italy: “You’ll Just Have to Live in Poverty, Goyim”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2018

I don’t know if this is the right time to be messing with the Italians, Jews. They seem to be on edge these days.

Surprising exactly no one, the J-EU (pronounced JEW) is interfering with the populist Italian government’s plans to foster prosperity.

They actually have to gall to get in their face and tell them “no, you spaghetti niggers can’t do social programs because you’re too poor.”

I’m sure this is going to go over well with the Italians.


The European Commission has told Italy to revise its budget, an unprecedented move with regard to an EU member state.

The Commission is worried about the impact of higher spending on already high levels of debt in Italy, the eurozone’s third-biggest economy.

What’s wrong? I thought these EU types loved socialism?

Socialism is good – unless it benefits the native population.

Italy’s governing populist parties have vowed to push ahead with campaign promises including a minimum income for the unemployed.

The country now has three weeks to submit a new, draft budget to Brussels.

They’re literally telling a supposedly independent nation to redo their budget.

Does the EU really have a right of veto over the member state’s budget?

The Commission said the first draft represented a “particularly serious non-compliance” with its recommendations.

The Commission Vice-President for the euro, Valdis Dombrovskis, said Italy’s response to the commission’s concerns was “not sufficient” to assuage fears – and the euro’s rules were the same for everybody.

“This is the first Italian budget that the EU doesn’t like,” wrote Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio on Facebook. “No surprise: This is the first Italian budget written in Rome and not in Brussels!”

His co-deputy PM Matteo Salvini added: “This doesn’t change anything.”

“They’re not attacking a government but a people. These are things that will anger Italians even more,” he said.

The EU should know better than to make the Italians angry. After all, they have a real leader now.

A leader who won’t hesitate to cross the Rubicon, should the need arise.

The EU bureaucrats are not ready to deal with this, I can tell you that.

The new government has vowed to “end poverty” with a minimum income for the unemployed.

Other measures include tax cuts and scrapping extensions to the retirement age – fulfilling several key campaign promises from the election in March.

A defiant Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte insisted earlier that the budget deficit would go no higher than 2.4% of GDP, although the target is three times than that of the previous government.

The government argues that servicing its debt of 131% of national output – second only to bailed-out Greece – would hurt Italians, who have still not recovered from the decade-old financial crisis.

Italy’s economy is still smaller than it was in 2008. The governing League and Five Star parties argue an increase in spending would kick-start growth.

Whatever. I have no idea if their programs are reasonable and are likely to improve their economy. But it’s none of my business. The elected government of Italy is honoring its campaign promises, and I’m sure they’ll figure something out.

The EU meddling is seriously going to give wind to Italian independentist sentiments, though – no one likes to be told they have to live in poverty because foreign bureaucrats said so.

Italexit would seriously wreck the EU – Italy is their third largest economy, and them pulling out would devastate the already fragile economic union, possibly prompting a domino effect of additional withdrawals.

Fucking with Italy just as they’re experiencing a wave of Nationalist fervor is a really stupid thing to do – it just goes to show how incompetent and out of touch these kike-sucking EU bureaucrats really are.

All this because the budget deficit is 0.4% too high for their taste (2.4% instead of 2.0% of GDP). Wew.

It’s a good thing our enemies are stupid.

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