EU Greenlights Introduction of Worms as Food on the Market

Eat the worm, slave!

You’re not worth the environmental cost of meat, goy!

It’s making too much BAD GAS!

No more friendly and delicious cows!

No more cute and flavor-rich pigs for you!

They all have to DIE!

Too much FARTING, GOY!

Instead, you can have a nice little taste of THIS;

It’s okay, because gladiators in Rome ate worms and they were strong — so you’ll be strong too.


Dried yellow mealworms could soon be hitting supermarket shelves and restaurants across Europe.

The European Union’s 27 nations gave the greenlight Tuesday to a proposal to put the Tenebrio molitor beetle’s larvae on the market as a “novel food.”

The move came after the EU’s food safety agency published a scientific opinion this year that concluded worms were safe to eat. Researchers said the worms, either eaten whole or in powdered form, are a protein-rich snack or an ingredient for other foods.

Following Tuesday’s approval by EU states, a EU regulation authorizing dried yellow mealworms as a food will be adopted in the coming weeks.

Better start checking those food labels if you want to avoid powdered worms. It’s going to be the new soy flour in the sense that they’re going to put it into everything.

But soy flour will still be there, because they want people to be living on soy and worms.

Frankly – we must admit – the worms have to be better than the soy.

In fact, they had to switch to the worms because the people they feed on soy end up just physically shutting down.

The Jew veganist Michael Gregor has a wormlike body.

Very few people can survive at all on this diet, which is why it’s promoted so heavily by the Jews as part of their global New World Order agenda.

However, worms are now a part of the vegan diet.

We first heard this being promoted when Greta Thunberg told us she eats bugs.

Not a model of health, that girl.

Since she’s been in the public eye promoting this bizarre globalist agenda, she’s lost about half of her physical mass.

She has failed totally to go through puberty.

She is now 18 years old by the way. She is breastless and reptoidian.

Look at those bones coming out of her hands. Like a lizard’s hand.

There are few pictures of her from the last year, as the coronavirus has prevented her from implementing her lunatic protest agenda (even though, ironically, she would be allowed to do that in Sweden).

But here’s one of the photos:

Look at her cheek bone there. You can also see creases forming on her nasolabial fold. This is old, unhealthy skin stretched across bones. Her hair also appears to be thinning.

They are making us into a new race. They are going to genetically engineer us to be compatible with their goyfeed.

This is what happens when God abandons a nation of people.

Satanists come and tell you to eat bugs between your anal sex sessions.

May Christ have mercy on us all.