EU Dismisses Euroskepticism as a Russian Conspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2016


This “blame Russia for everything that happens” strategy is not a good strategy.

For one thing, it doesn’t even work. I don’t know anyone in America who believes this, despite the non-stop propaganda from the Democrat party about it. I imagine Europeans are even more critical of it (other than Eastern Europeans, who already believed some version of this anyway).

The other serious problem with it is that it basically makes it so Russia can get away with anything, if they do decide to do anything. It’s the worst sort of “boy cries wolf” situation.

Not that I care if Russia does anything. Basically, they’ve shown that their own agenda lines up nearly 100% with my own, from their rejection of faggots and “refugees,” to their Christian/family values, to their support for Shiites in the Middle East, to their own opposition to endless war.

But I would think the EU would care that they’ve put themselves in a position where Russia can do whatever they want and no one will believe it.

Daily Express:

CRAZED Brussels chiefs will blame the eurosceptic revolution sweeping the continent on Russian propaganda in a jaw-dropping new communications strategy.

Bureaucrats from the EU’s Directorate-General for External Policies have penned an astonishing document which claims Vladimir Putin was behind Brexit, the Scottish independence bid and even the Wikileaks website.

The bombshell report is part of a new Brussels strategy to combat growing “populist” movements which are threatening to unseat europhile leaders across the continent.

It will be presented to the Conference of Presidents – made up of EU parliament chief Martin Schulz and the heads of the party political groups – next week.

Critics tonight said the extraordinary document showed that eurocrats were panicking because their superstate dream has finally been rumbled by voters. can reveal how Brussels bureaucrats are now directly blaming Vladimir Putin for the results of the EU referendum in an astonishing claim likely to raise eyebrows across the globe.

The document comes as researchers prepare to descend on the French city of Strasbourg on Monday night to discuss how the crumbling bloc can clamp down on ‘populist’ movements like the Brexit leave campaign.

And they claim that Russia directly influenced the results of both the EU referendum the Scottish independence referendum, as well as allegedly being behind the Wikileaks site created by Australian hacker Julian Assange.

The navel gazing exercise will set out how the bloc plans to tackle detractors and those who threaten its “soft power”.

And the eurocrats say their dreams of a European superstate are being “undermined” by populist movements which are threatening to rip the fragile bloc apart.

Let’s just hope these people don’t do anything crazy.

They’re backs are officially up against the wall.