EU Demands Belarus Release Western Intelligence Agents from Jail So They Can Overthrow the Government

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I want to once again ask you this: how weird would it be if the Chinese started making “human rights” demands about the way Western governments treat people?

I think it would be weird. Everyone thinks it would be weird. But I think they should do it.

I think China should demand that European countries release all political prisoners who are locked up for questioning the Holocaust or questioning the Jews in general.

I promise you: Germany, France and Britain have a lot more political prisoners than Belarus has.


The EU has demanded the Belarus authorities release “all detained on political grounds before and after” the disputed presidential elections.

It is planning sanctions for those responsible for “violence, repression and falsification of election results”.
Key opposition figure Maria Kolesnikova went missing on Monday after she was seen being bundled into a minibus.

She was one of three women who joined forces to challenge incumbent Alexander Lukashenko in August’s election.
Mass protests followed his re-election amid allegations of vote-rigging.

More than 600 people were arrested on Sunday, following a fourth consecutive weekend of anti-government protests in the capital Minsk and other cities. At least four people have died and hundreds have been injured as authorities have tried to crush dissent.

Mr Lukashenko – who has been in power since 1994 – has accused Western nations of interference. He is expected to visit his ally Russia “in the coming days”, the Kremlin said on Monday.

It is so unbelievable that the populations of the world accept that Western governments have a moral right to judge the domestic policy of foreign countries.

I don’t know if you know this, but the leaders of Western countries are not good people. In fact, most of them are probably satanic pedophiles, and they may well be reptilian humanoids from another dimension.

But even if these people were angels, they would not have a right to go to other sovereign nations and make all of these demands about domestic policy.

Furthermore, if they were angels, they wouldn’t need to do that, because they would already have good relations with other countries and they could just ask them nicely.

In this situation it is literally the West saying, “release our intelligence operatives from prison so they can continue trying to overthrow your government! We demand it!”

But the details of the situation do not matter. Going to another country and telling them how to manage their domestic affairs should not be acceptable behavior. It is weird and no one should think it is appropriate. And yet, we’re at the point in the West where the population will accept ground invasions of countries to enforce “human rights.”

We invaded Iraq two separate times because it was allegedly a moral imperative to bring them democracy, and Jews are now saying we should invade Iran because the women have to cover their hair in public.