EU at Davos: Trump has “Permanently Damaged Democracy,” Solution is Even More Censorship

Democracy isn’t a big truck. You can’t just dump things on it.

It’s a series of podiums.


World leaders are worried that Donald Trump’s time in the White House may have permanently damaged democracy, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said during her speech at the Davos Agenda summit on Tuesday, highlighting the wariness among global leaders about the long term effects the former president’s agenda.

Von der Leyen started her speech at the summit stating that her bilateral concerns with the U.S. last year were focussed on tariffs, but a year later “we are worrying about whether democracy itself might have been permanently damaged in the last four years.”

Pointing to the “darker sides” of digital platforms, the EU chief talked about defending institutions against “the corrosive power of hate speech, disinformation, fake news and incitement to violence.”

Pointing to new EU proposals that would require social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to police their platform better and unveil their algorithms, von der Leyen called on the new U.S. administration to work with Europe on regulatory issues.

Noting that the business model of online platforms has an impact on “our democracies, our security and on the quality of our information,” von der Leyen highlighted that this was why it is necessary “to contain this immense power of the big digital companies.”

It’s hard not to laugh.

“Democracy was damaged by Donald Trump, so that means even more censorship in Europe, and also, the US should have to do even more censorship too.”

Speaking at the “Davos Agenda” summit as well. For anyone who doesn’t know, that is run by the World Economic Forum – the same people who said in 2016 that by 2030 you would “own nothing and have no privacy,” then said that they were going to use the coronavirus lockdown to create a “Great Reset.”

They changed that headline after the article went viral following the head of the organization, Klaus Schwab, saying the lockdown was an opportunity to transform society.

It might interest you that Schwab’s main thing personally is the promotion of transhumanism – he wants to mix man and machine with implantable brain chips and genetic engineering.

But that’s just his hobby, you know. You’re into fly fishing and painting Gundams, this guy is into brain chips and gene alterations.

His fetish for genetic engineering is in NO WAY related to the new mRNA coronavirus vaccine being shipped all over the planet right now. Anyone who thinks that is as kooky as someone who thinks that the virus is anything other than a big mixup after some chink ate a bad bowl of bat soup. The fact that this is exactly what the elite wanted to happen, and are openly telling you that, publicly, is just a coincidence that happens to work out really well for the most powerful people on earth.

When they say “Davos Agenda,” they don’t mean they’re planning an “agenda.” They just mean like, they’re going to change the weather.  They’re doing the heavy lifting, trying to figure out a way to make it colder outside so we don’t all burn up. That’s their agenda.

If you are willing to suggest that anything is going on here other than a series of seemingly strange coincidences, then you present a clear and present threat to our podiums. Our podiums are made of wood, and they cannot withstand the weight of all these kooky theories.

All of the global elite go to this meeting at least once a year to talk about a global agenda, and this year, silencing the peasants and preventing them from communicating with each other is at the top of their to-do list.

I’m sure the fact that the goyim were talking about this very organization that she is speaking at has nothing to do with the fact that she’s saying it there. After all, it’s just a conspiracy theory that they even have this meeting she’s speaking at, and conspiracy theories are dangerous to our democracy.

They have to be silenced, for the sake of our values.