Doomed: Deadly Third Moderna Shot Moves Forward

I would have more respect for these vax companies if they were aggressive instead of passive aggressive.

Moderna should hire Gwar to write a song for their new Spikevax.


Zacks Equity Research:

Moderna, Inc. announced that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has authorized the third dose of its mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine, Spikevax (mRNA-1273), for use in certain immunocompromised individuals aged 12 years or older. The additional dose needs to be administered after at least 28 days from the completion of the initial two-dose regimen.

The immunocompromised individuals include patients with weakened immune systems, such as organ transplant recipients whose initial responses to vaccination were low.

Data from the recent clinical study conducted by the company in 120 participants who had undergone solid organ transplant demonstrated that the third dose of mRNA-1273 improved immune response compared to placebo.

The data from a few clinical studies demonstrated that antibodies in immunized individuals persisted for up to six months. However, health authorities remain on high alert due to the extremely contagious nature of the Delta variant as well as the presence of other COVID-19 variants. Moreover, a comparison study data showed that amid the prevalence of the Delta variant, the effectiveness of both vaccines declined with a more pronounced decrease for BNT162b.

The booster doses of both these vaccines — Pfizer PFE/BioNTech’s BNTX BNT162b and Moderna’s mRNA-1273 — had received authorization in the United States in August for immunocompromised adults.

Moderna’s shares have surged 218% so far this year against the industry’s 10.9% decrease.

Money, baby.

Who cares about inflation when you’ve got a 218% return on your stocks?

As we’ve seen, one government approving something for a specific group means that all governments will approve it for all groups very soon.

They’re pushing for a third shot for everyone and the first two shots for kids. Of course, once you’re on the vax, you don’t get off. These shots are going to just keep coming.

And yes.

Gwar is still around.

This is from last month:

Don’t you think that is the right vibe for a company like Moderna?

A violent hate campaign would be so much more honest than this “oh, we’re just so worried about your health” bullshit.

Obviously, no one who doesn’t already believe that Big Pharma loves them is going to be getting any of these vaccines any time soon. So it’s time for Big Pharma to embrace the hatred.

Right now, the “we are forcing this on you because we love you” narrative is getting really tired and confusing. The public would be open to these vax producers saying “we’re forcing this on you because we hate you and want you dead.”

This is an example of some of Gwar’s promotional material:

Slap a “Get Vaxed” sticker on that, and you’ve just got a really moving message that I’m sure a lot of Americans would respond positively to.

During the 2016 election, Gwar were among the many artists with original creativity who threatened to kill Donald Trump.

So they’re clearly on board with the Democrat Party.

I think they’d be happy to produce a theme song for Spikevax.

I’m no lyricist, but I’ve got this in mind:

Third time’s the charm
The spike in your arm
You start to waste away
Feel your soul decay!

For a bag of cash
We’ll spike your ass
Spike the whites and the blacks
Exterminate entire nations with a deadly vax!