EU Allegedly Planning to Send Monkeys Home as UN Calls for More, More, More

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2015

EU allegedly has a plan to repel the Zerg rush while the UN is calling for them to spawn more Overlords.
EU allegedly has a plan to repel the Zerg rush while the UN is calling for them to spawn more Overlords.

Though I have a hard time believing it, the EU allegedly has a plan to repel the sea monkey invasion and send tens of thousands of the hordes home.

The Guardian:

Only 5,000 resettlement places across Europe are to be offered to refugees under the emergency summit crisis package to be agreed by EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday.

A confidential draft summit statement seen by the Guardian indicates that the vast majority of those who survive the journey and make it to Italy – 150,000 did so last year – will be sent back as irregular migrants under a new rapid-return programme co-ordinated by the EU’s border agency, Frontex. More than 36,000 boat survivors have reached Italy, Malta and Greece so far this year.

The draft summit conclusions also reveal that hopes of a major expansion of search-and-rescue operations across the Mediterranean in response to the humanitarian crisis are likely to be dashed, despite widespread and growing pressure.

The summit statement merely confirms the decision by EU foreign and interior ministers on Monday to double funding in 2015 and 2016 and “reinforce the assets” of the existing Operation Triton and Operation Poseidon border-surveillance operations, which only patrol within 30 miles of the Italian coast.

The European council’s conclusions said this move “should increase the search-and-rescue possibilities within the mandate of Frontex”. The head of Frontex said on Wednesday that Triton should not be an operation primarily aimed at search and rescue.

Instead, the EU leaders are likely to agree that immediate preparations should begin to “undertake systematic efforts to identify, capture and destroy vessels before they are used by traffickers”. The joint EU military operation is to be undertaken within international law.

Wait, what? The plan is to send them home, but bring a bunch more of them here first? How does that make sense, exactly? I thought the entire belief was that they were all going to die if they didn’t flee their homelands, so what difference does it make if they drown?

This strikes me as a hoax. The whole of Europe is begging for relief from this invasion, the EU is struggling to keep up with the “we have to do it, it’s the only possible form of morality” argument, which even women are beginning to get fed up with. So all of the sudden the EU decides “yeah, hey, sure, we’ll send em right on back – but first, we gotta red rover em on over.”

Note: here is a Wikipedia link describing the game of Red Rover, for the non-Anglos among us.

    "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Abdullah Mohamed the baby-rapist on over."
“Red Rover, Red Rover, send Abdullah Mohamed the baby-rapist on over.”

I definitely smell a rat.

Besides, there are a lot more than 150,000 of these insects inside of our base – sending that number back would be a mere drop in the water.  Though still, it is something, and if it were to happen, that would be a good thing.

But then it’s “oh well, this one can’t go because he’s an anal fetishist and they’ll kill him for giving people AIDS, this one can’t go because he’s a Christian in a Moslem country, this one can’t go because his IQ is too low, this one can’t go because he’s a convicted criminal, and as a matter of fact none of them can go because their own countries refuse to accept them.”

I want this human waste off of the streets of Europe, and I don't care how that happens.  This is about survival, nothing else, and thus there is only one morally correct position.
I want this human waste off of the streets of Europe, and I don’t care how that happens. This is about survival, nothing else, and thus there is only one morally correct position.

Virtually none of these people have ever been sent back, not in the modern SJW era.  So I am not holding my breath.

Especially when the UN – which is basically the same organization as the EU on the higher levels – is arguing that the exact opposite thing needs to be done, and millions more need to be brought in.


Europe must urgently set up an effective rescue operation for migrants at sea and commit to receiving significantly higher numbers of refugees, top U.N. officials and the International Organization for Migration said on Thursday.

“A tragedy of epic proportions is unfolding in the Mediterranean,” they said in a statement criticizing a 10-point plan announced by the European Union on Monday and due to be discussed at a hastily-convened summit later on Thursday.

“The European Union response needs to go beyond the present minimalist approach… which focuses primarily on stemming the arrival of migrants and refugees on its shores,” it said.

European Union leaders will effectively reverse a cutback in rescue operations the Mediterranean on Thursday to try to prevent record numbers of people drowning as they try to flee war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa.

But the joint UN and IOM statement said the funding boost would not make up for the closure of an Italian mission last year after other EU countries refused to pay for it. The mission, Mare Nostrum, saved more than 100,000 lives.

So everyone agrees on one thing: we need a massive operation to help Africans get from Africa to Italy safely.

If I believed there was a large-scale Jew-run agenda to destroy Europe, I would almost wonder if the scaling back of rescue operations – while also, of course, giving asylum to any capable of making it to Italy – was part of a plan to cause more casualties and thus make it easier to push for a wider-scale sea “rescue” operation through the mongering of tears. Exactly what we are seeing now – “oh my God the little children are drowning oh my God oh my God oh my God this is so horrible like a new Holocaust.”

But only a paranoid nutjob believes in such things. I’m sure they scaled back the operation out of genuine concern for populist sentiment and now must mere months later make the program bigger than it ever was in order to stem the tears from women who can’t stand to see the poor little monkey babies drowning.

I am going to say now what Morgoth said earlier today: I now feel happy when I hear about these people drowning. Not because I am a sadist or a monster, but because I realize that their deaths mean life for our people.

Read my lips: I. Don't. Care.
Read my lips: I. Don’t. Care.

Recently, Katie Hopkins also came out and said that she doesn’t care if these people drown. This is the new meme. It is not our problem if sub-70 IQ Africans drown themselves, and pretending to care is a form of treason.

And besides, if we were sending them back as soon as they arrived in Italy, they wouldn’t be coming anyway. The blood is on the hands of those who came up with the idea of allowing them to stay as long as they can get here in a boat. The blood is also on the hands of the Jews who destroyed Libya and created this crisis in the first place.

It is not our fault and it is not our responsibility and we do not deserve to die simply so these people can live. Morality is not an abstraction, it is a biological function and it is only worth anything if it is based on survival. Anything which aides the destruction of yourself and your family is immoral, and anything which aids the preservation of yourself and your family is moral, period. There is no other morality. This is the law of nature, and we will keep it, or we will die.