EU Agrees to Censor an Article Published in China

A war with China is one of the really obvious possible end game elements of this virus hoax.

We wonder how Europe is going to feel about that. They’re already bending to the will of the Chinese.


The European Union has acknowledged it allowed the Chinese government to censor an opinion piece published in the country, removing a reference to the origin of the coronavirus outbreak and its subsequent spread worldwide.

The piece was jointly authored by the EU’s ambassador Nicolas Chapuis along with the ambassadors to China for the EU’s 27 member states to mark 45 years of EU-China diplomatic relations.

In the original piece published on the EU delegation’s website, the ambassadors wrote that “the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, and its subsequent spread to the rest of the world over the past three months” had side-tracked pre-existing diplomatic plans.

But in the version that appears on the website of China Daily, a state-owned newspaper, the reference to the origin of coronavirus in China and its spread is removed.

While the EU Delegation to China said it “strongly regrets” the change, it also admitted that it ultimately agreed for the censored piece to be published because it still contained “key messages on a number of our priority areas.”

The fact that CNN is mad about this is more relevant than the news itself.

The rest of the Jewish media is as well.

The GOP is framing the left as pro-China, but this isn’t really true. A lot of individuals on the left (and the right) are pro-China because China throws around money like confetti. But this doesn’t mean that there is some left agenda to support the Chinese.

The opposite is in fact true. The left is as controlled by Jews as the right – even more so – and the Jews are scared of China. If the Jews weren’t scared of China, then you wouldn’t have Mike Pompeo out there giving all of these kook speeches threatening a war with the Chinese.

China was intended to be the factory zone for the globalist order, as the Chinese have an incredible ability to endlessly do menial tasks without losing their minds. What happened was, the Chinese used the money they pulled out of these factories to develop into a superpower, marked by a burgeoning middle class living in futuristic mega cities.

After this lockdown, they are the de facto dominant superpower, because they didn’t choose to collapse their economy in response to this flu. And as we see, the EU is in the beginning stages of acknowledging that by breaking their precious principles. The Chinese are not stupid and they understand the symbolic power of the EU engaging in censorship at their request. They don’t care about it being said that it originated in China. Everyone in China knows that. It’s reported in the Chinese news that it came from bats alongside the theory that the US spread it. This was just about getting the EU to violate their liberal principles in a way that they knew the entire Western media would report.

(Obviously the ZOG government of America has always censored whatever the hell they want in Europe. They are the ones that implemented “de-nazification.” But they’ve always done a pretty good job making it look like something else. In this case, China wanted it to look like exactly what it looked like.)

Europeans have increasingly begun pushing back against American militarism and general ZOGmania. So the possibility definitely exists that the entire continent will reject a US war or even mass pressure campaign against the Chinese.

You’re going to see a huge shift, all over the world, with nations taking an entirely different tone with both China and America.

This is why for so long I was having a difficult time wrestling with the idea that ZOG collapsed the economy on purpose. It just doesn’t make sense why they would want to hand over “dominant global superpower” status to China. But they’ve done that and it was on purpose, so I see no possible explanation other than that they’re planning a war.

But hey – they were planning wars with Venezuela, Iran and North Korea as well. None of those materialized. Remember Pompeo’s weird boat hoax? These people are not on the ball. In fact, they are deranged and delusional. So the fact that they’re planning something in no way means it’s going to happen.

This lockdown and controlled economic implosion is a social experiment on a virtually incomprehensible scale. Everything could spin out of control very easily. So don’t get too downhearted, reading the Book of Revelations and what not. There is no reason to think this is literally the end of the world.

These are interesting times, I will tell you that.