Eternal Swedes Form Cuck Chain to Prevent Deportation of Afghan Bulls

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2018

I understand why God made the Swedes the way that they are.

They’re willing to believe whatever the mainstream ideology tells them to believe, and put it ahead of their own personal self-interest.

Under the right governance, this characteristic could be used to make them all happily line-up and give their best for a righteous cause.

This here, though…



Pro-refugee protesters forming a human chain and chanting humanitarian slogans failed to stop the biggest deportation from Sweden in recent years.

About a hundred people gathered outside the Migration Board’s premises in Märsta, north of Stockholm, in an attempt to block the expulsion of some two dozen rejected Afghan asylum seekers to Kabul, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported.

Border police officer Patrik Engström said that with 25 people expelled on a single occasion, this was the largest deportation in recent years.

While 23 of the cases were referred to by the Migration Board, two were crime-related. According to Engström, the deportees were exclusively men aged 18 and over.

In a video posted by Ung i Sverige on Facebook, the protesters are heard chanting “No person is illegal” before clashes with police ensue.

Bussen är här för att hämta ungdomar!

Gepostet von Ung i Sverige am Montag, 19. November 2018

Ung i Sverige is a lobbyist organisation whose goal is to stop deportations to Afghanistan due to dangerous conditions in the war-torn country. Its motto is “We’re leaving nobody alone, the fight goes on.”

I would search around to see who is funding this organization, but I can’t read cuckska.

I’m going to just go ahead and assume that Jews had something to do with this.

This year, to date, 142 Afghans have been expelled to their home country from Sweden with police assistance. This compares to only 69 during the entirety of last year. Another 252 Afghans chose to travel back to Afghanistan willingly, while yet another 1,950 left Sweden to pursue asylum in other EU countries.

Sweden, I don’t know what to tell you.

You need to pick up the pace with the deportations or you aren’t going to have a country left.