Eternal Cocksucker Lindsey Graham Says There’s a 70% Chance of War with North Korea This Year

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2018

Sure, John McCain is going to die this year, and that is great.

The bad news is, Lindsey Graham will still be alive.

AIDS doesn’t really kill these faggots anymore.


The year 2018 will be one of “extreme danger” with regards to the standoff between the US and North Korea over Pyongyang’s ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons programs, US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has warned.

Speaking to CBS on Sunday, Graham said US President Donald Trump should step up pressure on North Korea, including through threats of military action, to thwart the American adversary from developing nuclear arms.

He predicted there was a 70-percent chance that Washington would take military action against Pyongyang over the next 12 months should the North conduct a seventh nuclear test.

Chances of a nuclear conflict dropped to 30 percent if North Korea decided to test another long-range ballistic missile, said Graham, who supports an interventionist foreign policy.

“We’ve got a chance to deliver fatal blows to bad actors in 2018, but if we blink, God help us all,” the senator warned.

Often referred to as a “hawk,” Graham said “military force” was the only way Trump could force the North to abandon its weapons programs.

Graham also – of course – encouraged further meddling in Iran, while celebrating this current crisis.

Deeply disturbing is when he said that Trump is making “good foreign policy decisions.”

It is really nuts to watch this guy. He started even talking about the Ukraine. He is just “we need unlimited war everywhere.”

Just like John McCain, of course.

But what a weird phenomenon these two are.

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