Estonian Museum Creates Holocaust Exhibit, Jews Whine It Hurts Them

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2015

Tartu, Estonia
Tartu, Estonia

The Tartu Art Museum in Tartu, Estonia created an exhibit entitled “My Poland: On Recalling and Forgetting,” which sought to initiate even more unnecessary discussion about the “evil” of the so-called Holocau$t and, furthermore, to “acknowledge the minorities in our society and to address growing extremism and xenophobia.”

In spite of this, the museum still manged to piss off the poor Jews, because the exhibit ostensibly made light of the Holocau$t.

(NOTE: If you’ve never heard of the Holocau$t, it was a terrible event in world history that involved the extermination of six hundred billion Jews in gas chambers.)

Jerusalem Post:

One of the video installations at the Tartu Art Museum featured nude men and women playing tag in a gas chamber, while the second showed a “Holocaust survivor” having his concentration camp tattoo re-inked.

Another work showed a group of smiling men, women, and children, some bundled up in thick blankets, standing together behind a barbed wire fence wearing concentration camp uniforms. A third showed a man and a woman driving in a car, the man pointing through the windshield to the word Holocaust on a mountainside in huge letters in the style of the famous Hollywood sign.

Both the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the organized Estonian Jewish community had accused the museum of ridiculing and mocking the memory of the Holocaust. In light of public feedback, the museum decided to remove two of the works, curator Rael Artel told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

Whine, whine; complain, complain. Isn’t this what the Jew spends basically all of his time doing?