Estonia: Whites Rally Against Merkel Invasion Plot (#ProjectGermany AKA Operation Mandingo)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2015

Estonia: Needs more Blacks. Way more. Can't have enough Blacks.
Estonia: Needs more Blacks. Way more. Can’t have enough Blacks.

lol @ calling out Merkel as an invasive woman.


A rally against the intention of the Estonian authorities to accept refugees from Africa and the Middle East took place in Tallinn on Wednesday near the parliament building.

According to police estimates, about 1,000 people participated in the rally in the European Union member state.

The protest was organized by right-wing forces, including the European National Front, the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia and the Party of People’s Unity.

The protesters gathered near the German embassy with slogans in German appealing to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, shouting “You won’t handle it, woman,” and “It’s not your land, woman!

The protesters demanded a national referendum on admitting refugees and the full reinstatement of controls along the entire state border.

A “national referendum”?

Sounds like total fascism.

Yall Nazis need to dial it back a notch.

This is a democracy, silly goyim. Meaning you do what we tell you or we pay a bunch of mercenaries dressed-up like Nazis to burn down your bitch and then install all Jews to rule you.

We’ve done this before.

Don’t step to us, stupid goyim.

Take the Blacks, and love it.