Eritrean Rapefugee Who Killed Two Swedes for No Reason is Suing Man Who Wrote Mean Things About Him on Facebook

Daily Stormer
June 1, 2017

An Eritrean monkey who fled the Syrian civil war and stabbed a woman and her son  at random in a Stockholm Ikea shop when his application was refused is now suing someone (even he doesn’t know who) for being racist to it on facebook.


The Eritrean man who murdered a mother and her son in Ikea as “revenge” for the Swedish state having rejected his asylum application is claiming damages for “defamatory” posts about him on Facebook.

I hate it when people call these prehistoric hominids “men.”

The only image released of the killer.

They can’t even pretend to be actual men [Except for Don Lemon and the Black Guy From the Matrix -AA].

In August 2015, Abraham Ukbagabir grabbed a packet of kitchen knives in Ikea and tested them for sharpness before stabbing to death a 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son.

At the migration office in Sweden, just hours before launching the attack for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment, Ukbagabir heard that his application for asylum would be rejected.

“I regard it as a crime against me, when everybody else is allowed to stay in the country except me,” the killer said during the trial.

“To show that I was treated unfairly, and in order to feel at peace, I attacked.”

This must be what they mean when they refer to pedo-worshipping as the “religion of peace.”

It emerged earlier this year that the 37-year-old migrant’s lawyer requested his client should be transferred to his native Eritrea after Ukbagabir received threats, and was reportedly beaten multiple times by other inmates.

I guess we just found out where the last real men in Sweden are.

But documents seen by Expressen reveal the African is now seeking compensation for comments posted on social media which he says have threatened his safety.

“He is supposed to be dead, not just injured”, an unnamed man wrote on Facebook last winter in a post relating to Ukbagabir, for which he has now been charged with libel.

In other posts, the anonymous 45-year-old “wrote disparagingly of the killer’s skin colour”, and had wondered how hard it could be to “break the neck” of the African migrant.

How mean of him! I hope this filthy Nazi ends up prison for the rest of his life!

“The post was such that one could expect Ukbagabir be exposed to more violence, as a result,” said the prosecutor.

“And an aggravating factor that must be taken into account is how the motive for the crime was to violate the plaintiff’s race or colour.”

Dubbed the ‘Ikea murderer’ by the press, the Eritrean is demanding 5,000 Swedish krona (£450 GBP) from the accused as compensation for the Facebook posts.

It’s almost impossible to describe how stupid this is.

These vermin invade our countries, rape our women, live off our money, turn every place they infest into a warzone, and you can literally go to prison just for talking about it.

If you wrote an article like this one you are reading now without 7-proxy-secured anonymity in any Scandinavian country, you would go to prison for it. Literally. And yet, this isn’t enough for the worthless fucking cattle to stop watching TV and jerking off and unite and take over. These are the results of too much food, too much comfort, too much coddling and too much cowardice.

After we cure ourselves of the brain-virus the kikes have infected us with, we must never make these mistakes again.