Eritrean Government Says “Migrant Crisis” is a Conspiracy Involving Human Rights Groups and the CIA

Daily Stormer
May 19, 2015

And all of the sudden, millions of Blacks in Italy.  No one knows why.
And all of the sudden, millions of Blacks in Italy. No one knows why.

Any impartial person can see that what is happening with the invasion of Europe is not some spontaneous or otherwise random happening, but part of an agenda to destroy the continent.

The reason White Europeans cannot see it is that they have totally lost the ability to be impartial.

The bizarre thing is that some of the African countries these people are coming from don’t even support it (must be having a negative effect on their economies too), and are confused about how it is being allowed to happen.

Eritrea is claiming it is a Western conspiracy involving the CIA and “Human Rights Groups.”


The secretive Horn of Africa state of Eritrea claimed Monday that human rights activists were partly to blame for the hordes of migrants heading to Europe.

The isolationist Red Sea dictatorship is one of the largest contributors to the exodus across the Mediterranean and has in the past also blamed a CIA conspiracy for the crisis.

In a newsletter from Eritrea’s mission to the African Union, the country called for “a robust and concerted effort to identify, arrest and prosecute the human trafficking criminals.”

It said among the criminals were “all those who in different guises, including human rights activism, are complicit in these crimes.”

Although the commentary acknowledged there was a need for “increased opportunities for citizens in countries that are currently sources of migration,” it also said there should be an “end of the selective and unjustified politicisation of the migration issue” when it concerned those from Eritrea.

How are these monkeys smarter than the entirety of Europe?

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