Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Lowered Work Productivity and Slovenliness

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

The fact that your dick does not get hard shouldn’t affect the rest of your life, obviously.

But people doing a study would think it would, because they’re not doing holistic health.

Study Finds:

While erectile dysfunction certainly isn’t a fun topic for most men to discuss, it is generally considered an easily treatable condition that really only affects one aspect of a man’s life. However, a new international study conducted across eight countries finds that erectile dysfunction is associated with problems on the job and an overall decline in quality of life.

The study found that men suffering from erectile dysfunction were more likely to fall behind at work and become less productive. Erectile dysfunction was also linked to greater rates of staying home from work and working while sick. Besides just the workplace, erectile dysfunction was also found to be associated with higher rates of everyday life activity impairment, and lower overall physical and mental quality of life.

More than 52,000 men from Brazil, China, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States were analyzed for the study. All participants were between 40-70 years old and the data was collected between 2015-2016.

Among the study participants, 49.7% dealt with erectile dysfunction, with Italy showing the highest rate (54.7%) among countries. Erectile dysfunction was diagnosed among participants using self-reported surveys describing any and all difficulties each man had regarding achieving and maintaining an erection over the previous six months.

Compared to men with no erectile issues, men dealing with ED showed higher rates of work absenteeism (7.1% vs 3.2%), higher rates of working while sick (22.5% vs 10.1%), higher rates of overall work productivity impairment (24.8% vs 11.2%), and higher rates of everyday life activity impairment (28.6% vs 14.5%).

“This study shows that ED remains a prevalent concern, one that impacts work productivity and absenteeism,” says co-author Wing Yu Tang in a press release.

Though it may sound unbelievable to you youngsters, once a man gets to be 30, he isn’t really very enthusiastic about sex. He has already spent over half his life dealing with women on that level, and unless he is developmentally impaired, he is capable of realizing on an intellectual level that sexual relationships are a waste of time and sex itself is boring.

This can be compared to the way you really enjoy candy as a child, but sometime in your early teenage years, if you are going through the normal developmental process, you lose a desire for sweets. Maybe you have a piece of cake or an ice cream cone now and then, but grown men typically don’t go around with Starbursts in their pockets like children do.

If you see a man in his thirties going around talking about dating women, it looks a bit like seeing a man in his twenties walking around with pockets full of sugar candies. If a man in his thirties is going around like he’s in a John Hughes movie, the person is developmentally disabled.

(It’s okay if you still like the soundtracks though.)

When you get to your thirties, and you’ve developed normally, you’re either married, divorced, or you’ve given up. For most mature millennials, it’s either the second or third thing.

Facts of life.

Once you get to the point where you say “seriously, fuck women, I’m not doing this shit anymore,” the sexual drive becomes a nagging hassle, and it would be better to simply stop having sex altogether. However, completely ceasing to ejaculate can within two weeks lead to getting erections at the gym when you see these vile thots in their yoga pants. It can also lead to general agitation and testicular discomfort. Because the sex drive still exists – it is a basic animal drive that you can’t ever really escape, if you are healthy, as much as you can consciously and intellectually understand that it is a waste of time and a massive drain on your vital energies. Because we may be spiritual beings, but we are trapped in this primitive ape coil, with its primitive ape needs.

As such, if you are unmarried, you either go to hookers or develop empty sexual relationships with equally broken women who don’t give you too much trouble. Or, as is regrettably often the case now, masturbate to pornography.

Point being: it’s not the erectile dysfunction that is causing the problems for these men. A collapse of the sexual drive, if it existed in a vacuum, would be a blessing. But it doesn’t exist in a vacuum, because the sexual drive is produced by the male vital essence, which manifests as testosterone.

It is the problem causing the problem that is causing the problems of poor work patterns – the lack of healthy testosterone levels. Testosterone is the creative fuel of a man, and it is the lifeforce that a woman is trying to suck out of you through the sexual act. And believe you me, that is the goal of a woman. Just look at how much they love sucking cock. Why do they enjoy that? They have no erogenous zones in their mouths. It is because for a woman, sex is not about physical pleasure, it is about stealing masculine lifeforce. Women must do this to animate themselves because they do not have souls.

They are creatures that exist purely as functions of the physical realm, like trees or rocks, so their ability to function on a human level has to be taken out of the energy wells of men. It is a part of nature, of course, though most of them now are going wild and addicted to absorbing as much of this energy as possible in order to use it for their own petty, diabolical ends.

If the sex drive did not exist, women would be exterminated for being worthless, weak beings. But in this modern degenerate world, they are able to become evil deities through the industrial scale harnessing of male vital energies.

The masculine lifeforce is the fuel that burns to manifest all creativity, and yet it has an origin in this flesh we are inextricably linked to. This is why fat, soft men are always boring and useless – often appearing as if they do not have souls. And it is why women are not sexually interested in them – there is no lifeforce there to parasite off of.

Low testosterone is linked not simply to erectile dysfunction – it is linked directly to leftist politics, a lack of creativity and physical weakness. The fatness that develops from a lack of testosterone also leads to stupidity, because fat builds up in the brain and slows its functionality.

In fact, obesity actually shrinks the brain. True story.

And that phenomenon scales. You don’t have to be morbidly obese to experience a brain slowdown. Any sustained period of being overweight will have a negative effect on your brain.

Men with low testosterone are of course preferred by the system for the very reason that they are so malleable and incapable of independent thought.

It is extremely important to keep your testosterone levels high, lest you become a shadow of a man.

The best ways to do this include:

  • Not being fat
  • Not drinking beer
  • Not eating processed foods
  • Not masturbating
  • Going to the gym (strength training in particular helps)
  • Eating meat and vegetables

Your life will always be better with healthy testosterone levels, because testosterone is the chemical representation of the vital essence of the male and the fuel of the human soul.

Having healthy testosterone does not necessarily mean being totally jacked. As we’ve been over before here on the site, most men you see who are totally jacked are on steroids (not good). The ones who aren’t on steroids are spending their entire lives working on their bodies in a way that is possibly pathological.

But your body should be hard. Your stomach should be flat. You should be able to see tone, definition in your muscles. Sinewy is good.

You can maintain good health and high testosterone into your 50s and 60s if you take care of yourself, and avoid the traps put there to slip you up and turn you into a product of the system.