Erdogan Backs Cleric Who Says Homosexuality Spreads Disease – Is Someone Going to Refute That Claim?

I understand this is pure evil. We all get that.

But is it factually wrong?


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday threw his weight behind Turkey’s top Muslim cleric, who caused a storm by claiming homosexuality “brings disease and causes this generation to decay.”

In his first sermon during the holy month of Ramadan on Friday, Ali Erbas also maintained that hundreds of thousands of people every year are exposed to HIV due to homosexuality and adultery and called on worshipers to come together to fight “this kind of evil.”

Opposition and rights groups condemned the comments by Erbas, who heads Turkey’s Religious Affairs Presidency.

But in a public address following a Cabinet meeting Monday, Erdogan said any attack on Erbas amounted to an attack on the state.

Erdogan — a pious Muslim whose ruling party has roots in Turkey’s Islamic movement — said Erbas had fulfilled the duties of “faith, the wisdom (of Islam) and of his office” and that his words were binding for all Muslims. He said the tone of the criticism against the cleric had turned into a “deliberate attack against Islam.”

The Ankara-based Human Rights Association has filed a criminal complaint against Erbas, accusing him of sedition, and the Ankara lawyers’ association accused him of inciting hatred. The association called for his removal from office, saying it would not be surprised if the cleric were next to call on people “to light torches and burn women as witches.”


Well, there’s a bit of a difference between saying homosexuals spread disease and that women are witches.

Because you see, the facts on the ground are that homosexuals engage in so-called “anal sex,” which is prone to spreading disease, given that it mixes blood, semen and feces in an anal concoction. Moreover, despite media portrayals of homosexuals as “just like normal except with men,” this is completely false.

Homosexuals in fact regularly have anal sex with up to fifty people in a single night.

HIV is the least of our troubles with these people. The bigger issue is all of the other diseases they spread. This is just science, and it is unrelated to whether or not you personally hate homosexuals, or think they harm society in other ways. The disease issue is simply a matter of fact.

Erodogan has really done a brilliant job combining religion with state power.