Epstein Murder: Guards Were Both Asleep! Falsified Records of Checks!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 14, 2019

Literally no one is buying this bullshit story.

I have never in my life seen something where both the right and left were shouting “FAKE NEWS” like this.

But the NYT just keeps chugging along, letting the goyim know that it all makes sense because affirmative action niggers are just really, really lazy.

But even they’re starting to back away from their original “baseless fringe conspiracy theory” talk, just to try to retain some kind of credibility in their reporting.

New York Times:

The two staff members who were guarding the jail unit where Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself fell asleep and failed to check on him for about three hours, then falsified records to cover up their mistake, according to several law enforcement and prison officials with knowledge of the matter.

Those disclosures came on Tuesday as the two employees were placed on administrative leave and the warden of the jail, the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, was temporarily reassigned, pending the outcome of the investigation into Mr. Epstein’s death, the Justice Department announced.

The two staff members in the special housing unit where Mr. Epstein was held — 9 South — falsely recorded in a log that they had checked on the financier, who was facing sex trafficking charges, every 30 minutes, as was required, the officials said. Such false entries in an official log could constitute a federal crime.

In fact, the two people guarding Mr. Epstein had been asleep for some or all of the three hours, three of the officials said.

The attorney general, William P. Barr, on Monday ordered the Justice Department’s inspector general to look into how Mr. Epstein had managed to commit suicide while in custody and why he had been taken off a suicide watch 12 days earlier.

“We will get to the bottom of what happened,” Mr. Barr said.

I wrote about this yesterday.

He won’t get to the bottom of anything. He has weird conflicts of interest involving Epstein.

The warden, Lamine N’Diaye, will be transferred to a Bureau of Prisons office in Philadelphia while the F.B.I. and the Justice Department’s inspector general conduct inquiries.

Prison staff discovered Mr. Epstein, 66, dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, officials said. He had apparently hanged himself with a bedsheet, likely fastening the sheet to a top bunk and pitching himself forward, law enforcement and prison officials said.

He had apparently tried to commit suicide once before, on July 23, shortly after he was denied bail, which resulted in him being placed on suicide watch, prison officials familiar with the incident have said.

Six days later, prison officials determined that he was no longer a threat to his own life and returned him to a cell in the 9 South housing unit with another inmate, officials said. That inmate was later transferred out of the cell, leaving Mr. Epstein alone on Friday night.

Though it is standard practice to house people who have recently been taken off suicide watch with another person, the prison did not replace Mr. Epstein’s cellmate.

The Justice Department, which oversees the Bureau of Prisons, did not immediately identify the two correctional officers who were placed on administrative leave.

Two prison officials familiar with the incident said the two staff members had not looked in on Mr. Epstein for about three hours before he was found.

One of the staff members was a former correctional officer who had taken a different position at the detention center that did not involve guarding detainees. He had volunteered to work again as a correctional officer for the extra overtime pay, a law enforcement official and an employee at the jail said.

The second officer, a woman who was assigned to that wing, had been ordered to work overtime because the jail was short staffed.

The implication is obviously that they’re black, and I’m thinking they’re going to eventually name them and say “SEE, IT WAS DUMB NIGGERS – NOTHING WE COULD DO!!!1111”

James Petrucci, the warden at a federal prison in Otisville, N.Y., has been named acting warden of the Manhattan jail, officials said.

Some union leaders for prison workers expressed dismay with Mr. Barr’s decision to allow the warden to continue working, even as the two staff members were placed on leave.

“It makes me angry that they reassigned the warden,” said Jose Rojas, an official in the prison employees’ union and a teacher at the Coleman prison complex in Sumterville, Fla. “They didn’t put him on administrative leave like the others. The warden made the call to take Epstein off suicide watch and to remove his cellmate. That is egregious.”

Since Saturday, Mr. Barr has been briefed multiple times a day on the inquiries into Mr. Epstein’s death, a Justice Department official said.

In addition to the investigations by the Justice Department, the inspector general and the F.B.I., two other reviews of Mr. Epstein’s death were underway, a Justice Department official said.

A team of psychologists from the Bureau of Prisons visited the Manhattan jail on Tuesday to review each step of the decision to take Mr. Epstein off suicide watch.

On Wednesday, an “after-action team” — led by the bureau’s Southeast regional director — is scheduled to be at the prison to determine whether employees and officials followed protocols in the days and weeks before Mr. Epstein died, the official said.

Mr. Epstein’s death has drawn sharp criticism from Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

On Monday, the chairman and ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the acting director of the Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitz, demanding answers about how Mr. Epstein could have been unsupervised long enough to take his own life.

The letter said Mr. Epstein’s apparent suicide had brought to light “severe miscarriages” or deficiencies in how inmates are managed at the jail and had “allowed the deceased to ultimately evade facing justice.”

It was signed by Representatives Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, and Doug Collins, a Georgia Republican.

Mr. Nadler and Mr. Collins demanded that the Bureau of Prisons hand over by Aug. 21 any details about Mr. Epstein’s mental health evaluations and his housing, as well as the bureau’s protocols for handling inmates considered at risk of suicide.

They also requested to be told how Mr. Epstein was being monitored and what the surveillance cameras may have recorded in or near Mr. Epstein’s cell.

At the same time, Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, urged Mr. Barr on Tuesday to rip up an agreement federal prosecutors in Florida had reached with Mr. Epstein in 2008 that shielded not only him, but also any other co-conspirators who may have helped him lure teenage girls into prostitution.

These are top Jews and shills rushing in to kike things up with a fake investigation.

Nadler is a top kike, who himself looks like a child-fucker.

Ben Sasse is probably the biggest Israel shill in the history of the US Congress (in a competition with Lindsey Graham) and also looks like he fucks children.

The fix is in.

Donald Trump is the only politician thus far who has come out and said this was obviously a murder. Nadler and Sasse are going to talk about “oh my Yahweh, how is the prison system so incompetent to allow this man to suicide???”

And they won’t ever come out and say “black people are stupid and incompetent,” obviously, but they are going to play up the fact that every single person in America knows how incompetent black people are by pinning this all on the warden – Lamine N’Diaye, who has to be literally Senegalese – and the two guards, who will also be revealed to be black.

Even while every single person on social media is saying this was a murder, the media isn’t saying it at all.

If you type “Epstein Murder” into Google News, all you get is a bunch of mainstream outlets saying that anyone who thinks that is a total kook.

The Jewish outlet Vox wrote a piece mourning how horrible it is that social media still allows this kind of CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORY to spread!

One Brian Resnick, Vox staff writer, psychoanalyzed the goyim and then called for censorship – he even said that people who doubt that Epstein committed suicide are actually terrorists!


We now know why many people believe in, or are attracted to, conspiracy theories. Psychologists have found conspiracy theories are a tool to quell anxiety, give people a sense of control, and help make sense of a complicated, depressing, and often disappointing world. “It’s a self-protective mechanism,” Jan-Willem van Prooijen, a top psychological researcher studying conspiracy theories, told me in 2017. It’s often easier — and more comforting — to believe in an elaborate neatly tied-up lie than to deal with the truth.

Humans aren’t perfectly rational thinkers, so conspiracy theories — and their bedfellows, superstitions — aren’t anything new.

What is new, and concerning, is how fast they can now spread. Our online media ecosystems seemed designed (intentionally or not) to promote them over real news stories in the wake of breaking news.

The FBI now even considers conspiracy theories to be a domestic terrorism threat, as more people are driven to violence by them. 

Platforms are under more and more pressure to potentially censor, and regulate dangerous misinformation. Earlier this year, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube took some small steps to crack down on anti-vaccination info.

But it’s still the case that these platforms exist to serve people engaging information. And it’s still the case are engaged with conspiracy theories, like #ClintonBodyCount. Is censoring the spread of breaking misinformation even possible for these platforms? It remains to be seen.

This article is almost a parody of “shut it down, the goyim know”!

So please – don’t expect anything to come of this.

There is no chance it will.

The only thing that can come of it is that we can push harder on the narrative that the media and government are a bunch of lying hoaxers. Because no one believes this, and yet the media is forcing the narrative down our throats, calling us terrorists for questioning it, while the government refuses to even acknowledge the possibility it was a murder.

Jeffrey Epstein was murdered and everyone knows it.

Call these people out.