Epidemiologist Says That There is No Way the Government Scientists Got This Virus Wrong by Accident

There appear to be no scientists involved in virology or epidemiology who agree with the Bill Gates theory of coronavirus unless they are working for governments.

Professor Knut Wittkowski, a German doctor who works in New York, has said that there is no way that Anthony Fauci and Neil Ferguson could have made these mistakes they made with their models accidentally.

The peak of hospital admissions was March 18, which means that the peak of infections was March 11, and the lockdown was implemented on March 20. He says that they had to have known this, there is no way they couldn’t have known this.

He says that he doesn’t even know where the governments are finding these people that they hire to promote this, who appear to know nothing about epidemiology. In his circles, he says, everyone is confused and outraged by what is happening.

He says that everyone knew that the lockdown would cause global catastrophe and mass death, they knew that the lockdown wouldn’t be effective, and they just did it anyway.

He says it’s the flu.

“This flu is no different than other flus. Why should we have to change our lives forever?”, he asks.

He was asked about the terrible stories that the media reports regarding the tragedies that are happening with people dying. He points out that there are these same tragedies happening with the flu, every single year.

“Tragic stories happen all the time, but we don’t stop living our lives,” he said.

All of these people are saying the same thing I have said from the beginning, for example: they should have isolated nursing homes if they were worried about old people dying. He says they should have completely locked down the nursing homes, paid the staff to just live there for three weeks.

Children have zero risk, and yet they’ve been isolated for literally no reason. In fact, no one under 65 has any significant risk, unless they have existing conditions.

He also says that we’re still going to have to isolate the elderly after this lockdown is over. But I personally do not believe this lockdown is ever going to end.

We have all of this data now. The jig is up. The only thing that the government can do now is what they’ve already begun: ban anyone questioning any of this from the internet and fake new numbers of deaths. Then just keep the train rolling with an eternal lockdown.

If you want to watch the interview with Professor Wittkowski, I’d advise you to do it now, because as we’ve found, this sort of material is now banned from YouTube and is in the process of being removed.

The recent interview with Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis is also worth watching.

He cites the statistic that suicides go up by 1% for every 1% unemployment goes up.

It is strange that the epidemiologists are the ones that have to come out and tell the world about the effects that this is going to have on the economy. Although I suppose the death resulting from an economy collapse can be calculated using epidemiological methods.