Epic Troll! FBI Arbitrarily Detains Russian Senator at Airport!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2019

If you’ve ever had fears about being arbitrarily detained at the airport, consider them justified.

Apparently, this is just going to be a thing now.

People who fly are playing Russian Roulette with the FBI. So much so that we may have to rename “Russian Roulette” to “American Roulette.”

No one really likes flying, but this is something next level. You can get on a plane and you may simply never be seen again.


State Duma lawmaker Inga Yumasheva, who arrived in the United States to attend the Fort Ross Dialogue forum, was briefly detained in the airport of New York by FBI agents, who interviewed her for about an hour, Russia’s ambassador to the US told reporters on Saturday.

“Two days ago, State Duma lawmaker Inga Albertovna Yumasheva arrived to us. She was detained in the airport of New York and was asked to proceed to an isolated room. An FBI agent identified himself and started questioning her for about an hour,” the ambassador said.

“Moreover, it was suggested that she meets an FBI agent in a more informal environment to continue this interaction,” he added.

According to Antonov, the member of the Russian parliament’s lower house is known for her efforts to develop and stabilize Russian-US relations.

Yeah, I’ll say.

It was a provocation. The Russians aren’t pulling punches and calling it for what it is: deliberate Deep State meddling.

After her release, the deputy-woman said that she believed her bizarre detention and interrogation were done by the FBI to spoil relations with Russia as an act of sabotage, and said that Russia and the US should try their best to keep a dialogue going despite this.

But frankly, there doesn’t seem to be anything worth discussing anymore.

US is a bizarro-country.

I do not understand how Russians are able to deal with the US and the West generally in the face of the insanity that America is unleashing.

It would be one thing if America was just being led by the nose by the Jews into fighting wars in the Middle East – we’re used to that by now. But it really is undeniable and evident to anyone with eyes to see that America is imploding on itself now, and cannot be taken seriously.

I think this picture sums it up nicely:

If I could, I would just show this to the Chinese government and the Kremlin repeatedly, as like an outside expert giving testimony.

No matter what question they asked, I’d just refer them to this picture.

“Look at it, Ivan. Just look at it. Don’t you get it???” 

“Please… just get it already…”