Epic Shitlord Identifies as Woman, Rapes Woman, Goes to Woman Prison; Rapes More Women

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2018

Stephen Wood.

When I wrote this article explaining why I identify as a woman, I encouraged our readers to take advantage of the fact that they could usurp female privilege at any time, mostly for getting affirmative action jobs and university spots, and pissing in the women’s bathroom.

This intrepid shitlord, however, seems to have read my article and taken my advice to a whole new level. A rape connoisseur, Stephen usurped women’s privilege in order to access their prisons and literally rape them with it.

The Telegraph:

Convicted paedophile Karen White, who was born Stephen Wood, was undergoing gender reassignment, but had not undergone full surgery, when she was accused of repeatedly raping a woman in 2016.

The 52-year-old, who had been previously been jailed in 2001 for a sex attack on a child, told the authorities she identified as a woman and was remanded into HMP New Hall near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

But within days of arriving at the women-only prison in September last year, White made a sexual advance to another inmate, while in an aroused state.


A fortnight later, White approached another female inmate and struck up a conversation in which she made comments about oral sex.

She then took hold of the woman’s hand and forced it onto her left breast in order to feel her padded bra.

Just days later she was accused of pushing her hips and penis against another prisoner and in November last year she allegedly kissed a female inmate on the neck.

“Her hips and penis.”

“Her penis.”

I don’t know who the Telegraph is paying to write for them, but they’ve clearly been infiltrated by someone who believes in the “feminine penis” delusion.

Times sure are changing.

I would be more tempted to white knight for protecting women from insane trannies if they weren’t on the front lines of supporting insane trannies. Then again, they’re incapable of independent decision-making, so it’s kind of useless to blame them. Not sure what I feel about this, aside from lulz.

The rapings will continue until worldview improves.

Let’s just be clear about one thing, though: