Epic Flex: Bannon and Kobach Building Their Own Border Wall

Daily Stormer
May 30, 2019

Donald Trump has only built 1.7 miles of “artistically-designed steel slats” fencing in his first two years.

The Virgin Artistically-Designed Steel Slats

Meanwhile, a small group of volunteers who raised money through crowdfunding were able to build over half a mile of much better fencing that you can actually call “a wall.”

The Chad Steel-Reinforced Steel Plates

I mean. You can at least have a debate as to whether or not that is a fence or a wall.

At least it doesn’t have holes you can just shove kilos of heroin through.


A group that raised millions of dollars in a GoFundMe campaign says it has broken ground on a project to build its own stretch of border wall on private property.

We Build the Wall, a group founded by a triple amputee Air Force veteran, said in a series of social media posts Monday it had started construction on private property in New Mexico. The announcement comes months after the group began its GoFundMe campaign to raise private donations for a border wall, and days after a federal judge blocked President Donald Trump from tapping into billions in Defense Department funds for his administration’s wall construction efforts.

On Monday evening, a CNN team watched as heavy machinery rumbled over the site near the New Mexico-Texas state line near El Paso. Kris Kobach, former Kansas secretary of state and longtime immigration hard-liner, spoke to CNN over the clanking and beeping of construction equipment.

“It’s amazing to me how crowdfunding can successfully raise a lot of money, and how many Americans care about this,” said Kobach, who’s now general counsel for We Build the Wall.

A half-mile stretch of wall on the site is nearly finished, Kobach said, costing an estimated $6 million to $8 million to build.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who chairs We Build the Wall’s advisory board, told CNN on Monday that the stretch of private wall connects two 21-mile sections of existing fencing.

They can only build the fence on private property, and even then, they have to keep it secret so that the ACLU can’t sue them.

We still don’t even know if this project will be allowed, or if the FBI will be sent in to arrest them/tear down the fence.

They already sent the Sheriff of Sunland down with his clipboard to ask for paperwork and cause trouble.

As a media stunt and a way for Bannon to stick a shiv into Trump’s ribs and twist it, this fence will definitely do the job. Now, Steve “Not-So-Sloppy After All” Bannon can brag that he’s MAGAing more than Lame Duck Donald.

Bannon, remember, has always seen himself as the true originator of MAGA and believed that Trump was merely the vessel that he had to use as a tool for his own master plot.

That is, that TIME cover was actually showing how Bannon viewed himself.

This fence is his big middle finger to Trump. What we are witnessing is the clash of two larger-than-life Boomer egos.

And Kris Kobach. He is there too. Trump refused to give him a job at DHS, so he is doing what he can as a private citizen.

This can go one of many ways, and none of them are good for Trump.

I predict that a lot of MAGApedes will start scratching their chins and wondering why you can put up a mile of fencing in a day so easily, and yet the President keeps acting like he’s building the fucking pyramids one brick at a time and that it will take multiple presidencies to finish before his sarcophagus can be laid to rest at the center of it.

I doubt that this fence will be allowed to stay up for very long.

Trump will probably take it as a personal attack on himself and let it be torn down by the governor, or let the Feds waltz in and do the same like he has every single time they came for anyone who ever helped him or the MAGA agenda.

At least this project has restarted the conversation about the Wall though.

For once, Bannon has proven himself not to be completely useless and counterproductive.