Enterprising Modder Fixes Black Character in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2019

It was all so wholesome. Before the nigger showed up. 

So the new Pokemon game, Sword and Shield, has a black character for some ungodly reason.

And not even a based big tiddie quadroon that Richard Spencer rules over like Brittany Venti.

No, this is a straight-up nigger in my Pokemon.

What exactly are the Japanese trying to do to us?

They never did this before…

Thankfully, a good-hearted modder,¬†ChibiButo, fixed this disturbing problem with his “White Nessa” mod.

I would advise everyone to install this mod before playing Sword and Shield so as to avoid getting completely niggered by these nips.

Here are the download links for two non-nigger versions of Nessa.

Vitiligo Nessa:


Gyaru Nessa: