English Schools Struggling to Cope with Invasion of Roma Street Urchins

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2014

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The Ofsted schools watchdog is calling for the government to spend more money on useless gypoes from eastern Europe.

Britain is not doing enough for the mongrelized mutant offspring of the thieving Roma gypsies, Ofsted warned yesterday.

Because none of them speak the host country’s language and very few of them have even been in school before, their ‘wide-ranging needs’ are not being met and Britain must do better.

Translators and special bilingual staff will need to be hired to give them them one-on-one teaching in the futile hope of bringing them up to a literate standard.

While all the resources are being devoted to this, the standards of the White pupils will obviously slip and eventually there will be an equal outcome of inferiority for all.

The teachers are having to take the parents food shopping and show them how to make a packed lunch, which demonstrates the standard of intelligence they are being expected to deal with.

Thanks to this insane diversion of time and money to the foreign brats, they are now falling over one another to apply to get in and thanks to Ofsted’s policy of marking schools down if they are not ‘diverse’ enough, the schools are being forced to accept them.

A Derby education facility has seen them increase from 4 pupils to 99 in just 3 years and almost a third of the entire school is now just thieving gypsy spawn.

Rather than demanding these creatures be expelled and only British children to benefit from the education system our ancestors built, the government schools watchdog is instead calling for more funding.

Chief Ofsted traitor Sir Michael Wilshaw wants teachers to give even more support to the unwanted infestation of Roma brats in British schools.

Daily Mail:

The report follows visits to 11 schools in Manchester, Sheffield and Derby – where there have been large increases in the number of Roma pupils from Eastern Europe after border controls were relaxed.

In Sheffield, numbers rose from 100 to 2,100 in five years. Derby’s Roma pupil population tripled to 600 between 2009 and 2013. Manchester has an estimated 800 Roma pupils. Nationally, the number of gipsy and Roma pupils in schools has risen 14 per cent in a year to 19,000.

In a report entitled Overcoming Barriers, Ofsted said: ‘In the local authorities and schools visited, almost all Roma pupils arriving from Eastern Europe were new to speaking English.

‘Where newly-arrived Roma pupils have had little prior experience of formal education, schools and local authorities reported that initially they had difficulty in engaging the pupils to adhere to school routines and meet expectations for good behaviour.’

Inspectors said police were asked to address pupils and parents at one Derby primary after ‘a number of playground fights involving Roma pupils’.

‘They introduced a game to teach all children the rights and wrongs of behaviour,’ it added.

Even when Roma pupils were well integrated in schools and made good progress, their achievement in exams was still low due to their ‘exceptionally low starting points’.

The report went on to note that some schools felt obliged to meet the costs of lunches, uniforms and trips for Roma pupils despite not receiving funding to do so.

It told of one family who failed to send their children to school with money or food for lunch when they started. ‘Staff took the parent shopping to advise them on finding cheap and healthy options for packed lunches,’ said inspectors.

The report concluded that the schools and local authorities visited ‘were struggling to find the necessary resources to fully meet Roma pupils’ needs’.

For more than two thousand years Europeans have been trying to educate the gypsies.  But England has finally figured it out: what they need is more money for them programs.

Roma brats do finger exercises before taking part in a pick-pocketing lesson.