England: White Slavers were from India and Tanzania

Daily Stormer
November 24, 2013

This pretty well sums up the entire concept of multiculturalism.
This pretty well sums up the core concept of multiculturalism.

The nationalities of the couple holding three slaves – two White, one Malaysian – in Britain have been released.

BBC reports:

A man and a woman, both aged 67, were arrested at an address in Lambeth at 07:30 GMT on 21 November on suspicion of being involved in forced labour and domestic servitude, as well as immigration offences.

The pair, who are not British nationals, are understood to be a married couple.

Police said a couple arrested in the case came to the UK from India and Tanzania in the 1960s. The pair are said to have been in the UK “for many years”.

Both suspects had previously been arrested by the Met in the 1970s, but the force declined to give details of what for.

They have been released on bail but have not returned to the house where they were arrested.

Interesting that they would let them out on bail after having been accused with such a sickening crime.

One of the slaves, an Irish woman, had called the police after watching a television program on forced marriage, and told them that she had been held against her will for 30 years.

Unlike the situation in Cleveland earlier this year, where the non-White Ariel Castro kept women chained in a dungeon, it appears that these non-White slavers were using some type of psychological and emotional manipulation to keep their servants captive. It is also reported that the women were routinely beaten.

Isn’t diversity just simply magical?