England: Turks Arrested for Gang-Enrichment of Teen Girl

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2018

I do say my good chap, this is a rather unsettling display.

However, I must state that while uncouth, it is needed so that Great Britain can allow Sweden to survive.


Three Turkish men have received short prison sentences for gang-raping a teen girl and dumping her on the street in Canterbury, England.
Sali Amet, 23, of Preston Street in Faversham, and Omer Engin, 24, of Hoades Wood Road in Sturry, were handed nine-year sentences for rape, while Salih Altun, 25, of East Street in Faversham, received nine years and nine months for two counts of rape, KentOnline reports.

However, it is not typical for criminals in Britain to serve their supposed prison sentences entirely in custody, and if the trio received standard determinate sentences they will all be paroled automatically at the halfway point of their terms.

The court heard how Almet and Altun took the inebriated 19-year-old from The Cuban bar on Canterbury’s High Street to a car park near Holman’s Meadow and raped her, before Engin joined them and did the same.