Energizer Announces Smartphone Sporting a Huge 18,000 mAh Battery

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2019

This is the year smartphones are getting more of what was already there. More screens, more cameras, more memory, and more battery.

Energizer figured it might as well give this “innovation” thing a try and entered the smartphone world with a phone that has a ridiculously big battery.


Well-known battery company Energizer has branched out into the smartphone world and is bringing out some interesting looking devices to market.

The phones are made with French telecoms company Avenir, but Energizer has slapped its famous name on them. And to really drive home the point, it has made battery life a major focus of a particular concept device.

Among the line of phones on show at this year’s Mobile World Congress is the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop. And it’s certainly something to behold.

The 18K in the name is a nod to the fact that the handset is basically a solid 18,000mAH battery with a smartphone stuck on it. Because who needs the option of a portable power pack when you can just have one permanently embedded in your phone?

All that extra junk in the trunk means a seriously bulky finish for the Android-powered phone. The P18K Pop is 18mm thick, which makes it nearly as fat as three iPhone Xs.

The thing is indeed thick.

Just for reference, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is 17mm thick when folded. And the fold has two 3,100 mAh batteries, giving it only 1/3rd of this thing’s battery power.

It’s advertised as being able to get two days of video playback per charge and up to a whopping 50 days of standby time. However, a full battery charge reportedly takes eight hours, and that’s with fast-charging support.

The phone includes 128GB of storage, 6GB of RAM, a triple camera system with a modular camera unit that pops out of the top.

You can see the trend here isn’t to innovate but to add more of what already existed. They’re not making more energy-efficient devices, they’re just adding a bigger battery to it. Hey, I’m not judging. Battery life is one of the most limiting things in smartphones today, so this is good. I guess.

I mean… it is thick as a brick, just like a folded Galaxy Fold, but at least this one has a reason to be thick as a brick, unlike the folded Galaxy Fold.

Smartphone makers should do some real innovation for a change and stop rehashing common 5-year-old technology. Right now their whole business model is to pump out new models every year that are just rehashes of previous year’s model with slightly updated tech that makes no real-world difference, and then cross their fingers and see if people buy them. The problem is that people are indeed buying, so this retarded business model continues.

What happens with the discarded smartphones that are still working and perfectly capable of doing the everyday tasks most people do on their phones?

They’re thrown away anyways, because they’re OLD and people want the NEW.

Still… good for Energizer. Hopefully, they won’t be the only ones this year to make moves as bold as this one.

Would you buy it though?

Should you buy it though?