Endless Vaccines: AstraZeneca Expects They’ll Have a New Vaccine by the End of the Year

Are you ready for your medicine?

Vaxx vaxx vaxx – vaxx vaxx, vaxx vaxx vaxx!

And we’re gonna: vaxx vaxx vaxx like you’ve never been vaxxed before!


A modified version of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine tailored to combat a coronavirus variant first documented in South Africa could be ready by the end of 2021, an AstraZeneca official in Austria said in an interview published on Sunday (Apr 18).

Sarah Walters, AstraZeneca’s Austria country manager, told the Kurier newspaper that studies, so far, indicating the existing AstraZeneca vaccine was less effective against the more infectious variant first documented in South Africa were “too small to draw final conclusions”.

In the meantime, AstraZeneca and Oxford University have started on modifications to the vaccine for the South African variant and we expect it will be ready by the end of the year, should it be needed,” Walters told the Kurier.

It’s never going to end.

Pfizer wants a third shot, and Anthony Fauci says you’re gonna get vaxxed every six months.

This is the endless vaxx train.

What are they doing?

What even is this?

What do people think?

Where is the pandemic???