Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2014

Ha!  Keep up the fight, sister!
Ha! Keep up the fight, sister Amani!

In one of the most hilarious ever instances of Poe’s Law, Feminists are either calling for an end to Father’s Day because it is a celebration of child abuse, or someone is making fun of the ridiculousness of feminism.

I seriously can’t tell.  My gut says it’s probably real.

When a woman believes that her mind, driven by emotion, determines what is reality – this is what happens with a lack of male authority in her life, there is really no ceiling on the hilariousness she can release.

Also, this is very dangerous.  It has pretty well destroyed our entire society.

Men, remember this: you are the only way she knows what is real and what isn’t.  If you do not play the role of guiding her, she will board the Crazy Train bound for Psycho Town every single time.




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