End Times: Ayatollah Khomeini Takes to Twitter to Support Peaceful Black Cop-Killers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2014

Yo, Ayatollah, bro... I'm not sure how closely you're following this, but you seem to be a bit confused.
Yo, Ayatollah, dude… I’m not sure how closely you’re following this, but you seem to be a bit confused.  The Jews are the bad guys.

Just when you goyim were so naive as to think things weren’t about to get weirder in the next few minutes – BAM! – the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, goes on Twitter and starts supporting the rioting Blacks.

The bearded bastard has used hashtags #Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter and he insults the White race instead of the Black President and Jews who are the ones who actually want to nuke his stupid country – we Whites have been trying to stop it.

This scumbag even dug up the Wounded Knee “massacre” and attacked Whites over that.  Hey gramps, why don’t you attack your enemies the Jews and Blacks instead of we who did nothing???

Ayatollah Khomeini Tweets 3 Ayatollah Khomeini Tweets 2 Ayatollah Khomeini Tweets 1

I get the idea – “we are against the great American satan, let’s attack them in any way we can.” But by attacking us over Ferguson, they are in fact supporting the ape President, who is a SJW advocate of burning the bitch down, as well as all of these Jews who invented the SJW movement.

If the Supreme Leader wanted to cause derision in America, what he should have done was tweet in support of White and attack Obama for thinking he can keep peace across the world while he is unable to control his own African countrymen in the country he rules over. That would point to actual hypocrisy. Obama complaining about the evils of White cops while also complaining about the evils of Jew-hating Iran isn’t hypocritical – it is consistent stupidity.

And here I thought Iran was sort of okay in a lot of ways. But it just seems like non-Whites are just stupid. I mean, how could these people not know that it is Jews running the social justice riots in America? But they must not know that, or they surely wouldn’t have come out and supported this Jew movement.

Iran should take the Kim Jong Un approach and support the real opposition to the ruling Jew system – White people who don’t want a monkey President and Jews running around controlling everything and trying to start wars.

There is only one non-White leader in the world who is a total bro.  The rest are just a bunch of haters.
There is only one non-White leader in the world who is a total bro. The rest are just a bunch of haters.


In the last few hours the Ayatollah has gotten super-goofy on Twitter, going full SJW. Next he is going to be demanding trannies be allowed in girls bathrooms at elementary schools in Alabama.

Ayatollah Social Justice!  wtf!
Ayatollah Social Justice! wtf!

To the people in the comments section claiming he was hacked – why is he not saying he was hacked?  This SJW crap has been coming off his Twitter for three days now and there are 40 something articles about it on Google News.

The Iranian government is not blocked from speaking, if they’ve been hacked they can say it.  That theory is stupid.  Clearly, Khamenei is an SJW and a support of the Obama/Holder/Sharpton/Jackson/Jew Black riot and cop-killing agenda.  I do not know why.

I would guess for the same reason Iran is a third world country: non-White people are stupid.