End of Russian Hoax: Indictments Have Nothing to Do with Anything

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2017

So, the indictments are in. There are a barrage of articles being published about this, filling up the pages of most news sites, but it isn’t really something that is very interesting or worth going into the details of, in my view.

Here’s the summary:

  • Boomer Paul Manafort failed to report millions in earnings, bought up a bunch of vacation properties (inside the US lol)
  • His business partner, Rick Gates, did the same thing
  • Another guy,¬†George Papadopoulos, misspoke to the FBI about something that wasn’t illegal, and is being charged with lying

That’s it.

That’s the big reveal, what all of this has been building up to. None of it relates directly to Donald Trump or Russia, none of it is even a big deal.

The fact that these are the charges they’re running with proves that there is nothing there with regards to the Trump-Russia conspiracy. If they had something, they would have charged people for that. Even if they were still going to put these irrelevant charges on the three they’ve charged, they would have held those and released them at the same time or even after the charges relating to Trump and/or Russia.

Charging these people for unrelated crimes is proof that there is no relevant real crime to charge anyone with.

Honestly, I have no idea why Mueller is even involved in these charges. He could have turned the investigation – which is not related to what he’s supposed to be investigating – over to the FBI. I don’t know the details of how all of this works, but from what I do know, it seems that would be the more logical course of action.

Apparently, Mueller felt it was important to “find something,” but all this does is confirm that the investigation was always baseless, and was nothing more than a fishing expedition. Which was the accusation to begin with.

So why not say “we’ve found some evidence of criminality in our investigation, though it doesn’t relate directly to the allegations of collusion with Russia, so we’re turning it over to the FBI”?


Weird situation. Shows that the Mueller counsel is unorganized and absurd.

Trump is right to celebrate.

I think it’s clear that these indictments mark the end of the entire Russian theory.

Now, it is time to investigate the investigators, who we know for a fact staged this whole witch hunt on purpose, using lies and outright illegal methods for the purpose of sedition.

It is time to indict the media for their role in this.