Empress Melania Will Work to End Online Bullying

Daily Stormer
November 4, 2016


The embodiment of class.

The ever-graceful Melania Trump has given a speech, in which she promised to work to fight against cyberbullying.

Now, this is an initiative we at Daily Stormer can fully get behind.

After all, we’re the #1 victim of online bullying on the internet. We get bullied non-stop by those kikes. They shut us down from every service it’s possible to get shut down from – and more. What is that if not despicable bullying?

It’s about time someone took a stance against it.

Washington Post:

Melania Trump promised to work against cyberbullying and for a more civil society as first lady in a speech here Thursday, saying “our culture has gotten too mean and too rough” — sounding nothing at all like her husband, whose history of insults and name-calling is a central part of his candidacy for president.


Extreme treason calls for extreme words, cucks.

The best way to ensure a civil society is to remove all the (((subversive elements))) who are constantly agitating against the traditional values of our civilization.

Once the Donald has worked his iron fist to subjugate our enemies and establish the rule of law once again, Melania’s dream of a gentler society can come to fruition.

“As adults, many of us are able to handle mean words, even lies,” she said in a speech aimed at winning over more female voters. “They hurt when they are made fun of or made to feel less in looks or intelligence. We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other.”

As she called for civility, even some supporters listening to her rare public speech in this suburban battleground were critical of the crude language her husband has used, including calling women “Miss Piggy” and “dogs.”



To be honest, I’m not sure if Melania isn’t just trolling people at this point. I mean, you gotta admit it IS funny.

Her husband proved on the world stage that bullying WORKS.

I guess the idea here, is to end bullying by making sure the people being bullied grow a spine and stop being such faggots. See David French.

Once all the cucks have been beaten into submission, we can finally end bullying.