Empress Melania Gives Lovely, Touching Speech, Jews Accuse Her of Stealing Black Inventions

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2016

The wife of The Leader and Future Queen of America, Melania Trump, gave a beautiful and touching speech yesterday. It was far and above the highlight of the conventions first day.

We saw that Trump is not only a business and political genius, but a genius at choosing good women.

However, the filthy Jews will always pounce on the Aryan female. And so they have done.

The top story is that Melania stole the Black inventions of the manlike ape Michelle Obama.

The kikes of Vox have put together a side-by-side comparison, showing that one passage from the speech was similar to the gigantic brown bimbo Michelle’s 2008 convention speech.

Upon seeing this clip, I was again jolted by the fact that the sickening Jews claim that “race doesn’t exist.” I imagined the Jew who put the clip together laughing that any single goyim would be so stupid as to believe something so ridiculous.

But then I was like yeah, okay, there are five or six similar sentences.

But he’s the deal: Melania is not a professional speech writer. And when she was writing this speech, she no doubt listened to other speeches given by potential first ladies at conventions. These few lines are simply flowery cliches, used in an infinite number of political speeches.

This exact order is totally standard:

  • My parents raised me with values
  • [List values of hard work, honesty]
  • I’ve passed these values on to my children
  • We need to ensure these values are passed on to future generations

It’s hard to get any more basic than this.

And, having looked at Michelle’s speech, and wanting to use standard language to communicate standard human aspirations, she accidentally wrote a few sentences that sounded a little bit similar to those Michelle used (unlike Melania, a genuine person with heart, the non-human Michelle presumably did not write her own speech).


Attacking the Empress over this is simply proof that these Jews have hoaxed their alleged care for the wellbeing of women. Women are not naturally writers, or creative, but Melania put her heart into this and came up with a beautiful speech, which was presented with extreme grace and elegance, and they find one little quirk and attack and berate her, accusing her of “plagiarism.”

By the way, for anyone keeping score, there is no way that this meets the definition of plagiarism by academic or journalistic standards, and the lying Jews know this.