Empress Melania Attacked by Evil Mob for Wishing People a Happy Thanksgiving

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2018

First Lady Melania gave a very sweet Thanksgiving message on Twitter, and was brutally attacked by the mob and the Jewish media which controls them like drones.

She said that people should remember those who can’t be with their families. And I can certainly relate to that.

But the mob brought up people who have invaded our country, and who have to be held in captivity now because of Democrat/Jew asylum laws.


At the time of writing, the tweet already had nearly 6,000 responses, with plenty of people sarcastically pointing out that Melania’s husband, U.S. President Donald Trump, has gone and separated about 5,000 troops from their families this year in what is widely considered to be an extremely expensive political stunt.

“You mean the troops your husband sent to the border for a political stunt … [whispers] which failed..?” one wrote, and another added, “Like the 5000 members of the military at the border.”

Others still pointed out that aside from the military men and women who have been sent away from their families to protect the border from a migrant caravan full of women and children, there are still children in detention centers who were separated from their parents upon entering the U.S. to seek asylum.

This is the top story on Google News:

(Note that my Google News is set to favor Fox, but it continually favors Huffington Post.)

And this is what Twitter’s algorithm believes should be the top reply to her tweet:

That’s what everyone sees if they go to look at a very nice message from a very nice lady.

Of course, there couldn’t be any replies supporting her, saying “thank you, ma’am, I wasn’t able to be with my family this holiday, and it really means a lot.”

Furthermore, it is obvious that it wasn’t an accident that she tweeted this when there are troops at the border. She was showing love for them. But that is bad? Because they shouldn’t be there because we should have an open border with Mexico?

Obama kept thousands of troops in the Middle East to fight for Israel. Do you remember any single holiday when he was attacked for that – let alone his wife?

There is nothing that makes me angrier than attacks on Melania.

Other than the basic fact that the attacks are always stupid and insane – these are not her policies. She is not making policies. She is the President’s wife. Unlike Michelle Obama, she doesn’t go out there and push political anything. She takes care of her son and does some nice things for school children.

But the mob – and the Jewish media – treats her like she is the same thing as Trump. That his policies are her policies.

This idea of attacking someone’s wife who is just trying to be a normal, caring person, is totally new and outrageous, but it shows the depths to which these rats have dived.

And Trump needs to understand this: these people want to do him like they did the Romanovs. Unless he can maintain power and pass it off to a Republican, it isn’t just him that is going to prison, it is going to be his entire family.

They are already opening an investigation into Ivanka, and she is an outspoken Democrat.

These people are out for blood. That is the goal here. The goal is blood.

If Trump is impeached and removed from office, loses an election or even if he quits after two terms and a Democrat is elected, these people are not simply going to let him or his family walk away.

Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric will all go to prison with him. I pray that they would let Melania and Barron go, but when I see this viciousness – who even knows? These people are so completely unhinged that I have no idea what they will do.

I feel a deep love for Melania, both because she seems like a very good and genuine woman and because she represents a type of real, classic femininity that simply does not exist anymore in America. She is like something out of a Victorian novel.

She should be presented as a role model for young girls.

Instead she is presented as evil.

And this is the role model for young girls:

We are living in a nightmare realm.

Someone needs to remind Trump how deep he is in this, and that this war against the forces of darkness is as much about protecting his own family as it is about protecting all of us.