Employment Rights for Whites: Say ‘NO’ to Politically Motivated Discrimination in Our Universities

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2016

Looniversity Campuses are Anti-White Brainwashing Factories

Our universities and colleges proclaim themselves as bastions of tolerance where all shades of political, religious and other views can be openly debated and discussed. Except one of course – and that is the view that the ongoing genocide of white people facilitated by political correctness is a bad thing. This view is considered extreme and therefore banned – ‘’no platform for extremism or extremists!’’ No extremists on campus, and yet extreme leftists, liberals, libertarians, Islamic radicals, feminists, pro-abortionists, Zionists etc are all allowed and in fact the universities have been run by extreme Marxists, Trotskyists, Leninists, Maoists and Anarchists since at least the 1960’s. The National Union of Students – which is a government funded closed shop to which all students must belong – has pursued the fanatical anti-white bias ever since it was created in 1922.

A case in point; recently an Asian female, one Bahar Mustafa, student and Student Union Diversity Officer at Goldsmith’s College, University of London started a campaign ‘’Kill all white men’’. She wasn’t imprisoned, she wasn’t fined, she wasn’t sacked from her post as Student Union Diversity Officer and she wasn’t expelled from her college. But express a politically incorrect view, speak out for white advocacy, speak out against white genocide and you will be hounded out sacked, whether Professor, lecturer, student or even if you are a cleaner! Students have even been expelled from their universities for handing out legal leaflets in town centres over 200 miles away from their campus.


The White Genocide Agenda

All this is not a joke, it’s no laughing matter for it is typical of the places where the future leaders of white countries are ‘supposedly nurtured and educated’, but in fact brainwashed. Such are our ‘looniversities’! No surprise then that they churn out lunatics and our nations resemble lunatic asylums. So let’s take a step back and look at the larger issues in ‘The Loonited Kingdom’ and the rest of the white world.

If you are white in Britain or the world today you are part of a race that the ruling regime is actively trying to exterminate. And you are not allowed to object. The genocide of the white race is a key part of their agenda for achieving their beloved New World Order, and this is because the white race is the only race that can effectively stop such a nightmare one-world-slave-state becoming a reality.


To that end, straight white men, as the natural progenitors, carers for and defenders of their race, and as the natural transmitters of their race’s culture, are viewed with suspicion if not outright hostility for being an obstruction to the coming “utopia”.

If in addition, you are politically, and hence racially, aware and active, then although you are doing what Nature intended you to do, that suspicion and hostility that the global elite harbours for you will morph into a vicious persecution. Whites, crucially, are only allowed to take part in political activity if it is actively harmful to white interests, not if it is favourable to white interests.

So white men have to be feminized, hedonized, lobotomized, encouraged not to have families, demeaned, demoralized, degraded, drugged, dumbed down, de-politicized, and destroyed.

‘Kill all white men!’ ‘No straight white men here!’ ‘No free speech for haters!’
‘Sack all racists, sexists, homophobes, anti-semites, anti-feminists and white nationalists!’
‘No politically-incorrect white person should be allowed to have a job!’ ‘End white privilege!’ (sic!)
‘No rights for whites!’ ‘No rights for racists!’

Such are the slogans openly shouted now by the left and by liberalism today; for the destruction of the white race has always secretly been the main aim of leftists, liberals and the cosmopolitan ‘citizens of nowhere’.

Nothing Left to Lose

Over the years most things have been taken from whites, but at least we were still able to earn a living. We still had hope and a sense of honour.
In the modern materialist world money is status, and without a job you can have no money and hence no status and without status your chance at reproducing, having a family or being able to be politically active are severely curtailed; your opportunity of resisting ‘The anti-white agenda’ is seriously limited.

If you are a non-white, or a Jew, the system will regard you as ‘a vulnerable group’ and will therefore shower you with benefits, housing, opportunities and help. But if you are white you will be mocked, ridiculed, violated, shamed, humiliated, ignored and left to rot.


The threat of losing one’s job, one’s career has been a extremely effective brake on white identity politics for a long, long time, preventing many white activists from getting involved and active. But now there are no more jobs, no more real jobs, only minimum wage, zero hours contracts where you compete with non-white invaders who have no rent or bills to pay, and so can work as slave labour rates.

Cases abound of White Nationalists belonging to large, powerful unions being sacked from their jobs and expelled from their unions – despite having blemish free records and dutifully paying their union subs for decades – all because they had become politically active for the White Nationalist cause; all because they had opposed the anti-white agenda; all because they had opposed the ongoing genocide of the white race. All the human rights-employment rights bureaucracies counts for nothing when your political opinions are ‘the wrong sort of political opinions.’

The Arthur Redfearn Case

And so we have nothing left to lose. Without hope, without fear. Nec spe, nec metu.

Arthur Redfearn was a bus driver in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. He was also a member of the British National Party who was elected in 2004 as a British National Party councillor to represent his local ward. He was promptly sacked by his bus company. He decided enough was enough. He took his case to court and was defeated. He took it higher, again he was defeated. He appealed. And appealed again. Eventually in 2012 he achieved victory. The European Court of Human Rights, which had previously ruled that an employee could not be sacked for his race, religion, gender, sexuality and disability; now added a new category ‘political views and activity’.


Such now is the law of the land, but like other areas of law – what sort of justice you get, depends on the sort of justice you can pay for. Or, more importantly, depends on whether the powerful, wealthy politically correct lobbies and organisations are willing to help you pay for.

End Politically Motivated Persecution at Universities

So it was that early in 2016 two cleaners from Royal Holloway College, (New Bedford Campus), Egham, Surrey were sacked at the behest of a Zionist group. The Zionist organisation objected to the two white men taking part in lawful and legal London demonstrations, (nowhere near any university campus), against the Jewish Vigilante group known as ‘The Shomrim’, which is alleged to harass non-Jews in areas of North London, (including Stamford Hill and Golders Green), known as ‘The Jewish Republic of North London’. (By the bye, in Britain no other racial, religious or ethnic group is allowed to have a vigilante force.)

Being unable to find any civil rights or civil liberties groups willing to take up their case, and being unable to afford to pursue the case legally the two white cleaners did the only thing they could and that was to demonstrate outside the college gates.

The professional protestors of The National Union of Students objected to the whites being allowed to protest, and turned up to oppose the demonstration waiving various banners and flags including an EU flag, an Israeli flag, and banners saying ‘’F*** Off!’’ Two balaclava wearing students, supposedly anarchists, who were part of the NUS counter-protest, found themselves being arrested by the police for throwing urine bombs. As they were dragged off one journalist commented ‘’It will be interesting to see if they get expelled from university’’ ,to which another drily replied ‘’Don’t hold your breath!’’


Next demonstration – Saturday 26th November, 1.30pm

Same location, outside the college gates, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, Egham, Surrey, England

(contact londonforum@yahoo.co.uk for more details)

All Welcome!


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