Emotional Outbursts are Not Masculine (A Preview of a Future Self-Help Sunday Piece)

The Bun (You can skip this and get to the beef below – this bun section is just rambling garbage)

I always have these different article concepts floating around in my head, and so many of them I never end up getting to. Or haven’t yet. Instead, I end up writing endless replies to stupid coronavirus horseshit.

Part of that is that a strength of the site is that it covers all the current events, and right now, coronavirus is always the current event. But part of it is also that I do not take breaks or vacations, and throwing up some obvious virus hoax material is easier than breaking down complicated ideas.

Also, with the virus hoax stuff – see if you can follow me on this, and see what you think of it – I feel like everyone is being bombarded with this so constantly throughout basically every waking moment of their lives* that it is very helpful for people to be able to come here every day and be reminded that they are sane, and it is the world that has gone insane. The virus lunacy is so completely out of control, and these people are so intent on making you feel like you’re the one that’s gone crazy, that on a basic psychological level, people need consistent reinforcement of the reality situation.

Therefore, I feel like nonstop virus hoax material is a kind of zen activity, ensuring that people have daily reminders that this is all stupid and fake as a way to center their consciousness.

And it’s not all just total garbage. I think this one today was pretty good, both from an artistic standpoint, and as really just pointing out how goofy it’s all gotten.

Anyway, for the sake of my own zen, I end up posting a lot on the Gamer Uprising. Posting there also helps me to bounce ideas around, and I learn things from other posters there. Regrettably, new registration isn’t open and actually cannot be open, because after 1/6, the FBI has totally unlimited resources for “hunting domestic terrorists,” and they will just show up with six million accounts telling people to commit terrorism.

(Note: They then use their own posts to justify their hunt for terrorists. This is well-established. They figured out a perfect system for planning their own terrorism and then catching themselves doing it with the Moslems, and all those techniques are now being used against white Americans. Posting fake terrorist threats and just encouraging random people to do terrorism on internet websites is a very low effort, high yield activity. You’ll remember that with Robert Bowers, who shot up the synagogue in Philadelphia, they came out and said that he was in a Gab chatroom with a group of people cheering him on and telling him to do a shooting, even directing him which synagogue to hit, but no one was ever prosecuted for that. Finding a moron they can convince to do a shooting or whatever is a big win for the FBI, and the cost of hiring people to fill these spaces with this kind of talk is cheap. On the internet, they also really can’t get caught like they did with that Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax they staged. Of course, there were no consequences for getting caught doing that, other than Tucker Carlson segments about it, but it’s better not to get caught and it’s also much more expensive to pay people to actually go and physically get involved in a fake terror plot. The recent guy who claimed to have a bomb in his truck at the Capitol was clearly a victim of some kind of FBI manipulation – the media immediately buried the story because it was so obvious. He was talking about how he was working with four other people in his bombing plan, so obviously those were FBI agents and he was just a goofy moron. The interesting part is that the FBI could have done that completely over the internet – they could have made him believe he was part of an elite team of patriots who would restore freedom to America using a bomb threat without even sending a real life agent to talk to him.)

They can literally assign their lowest level agents to “trying to convince socially alienated white people on the internet to commit terrorism” duty. Last time the forum had open registration, half the new posters were saying things like “yall folx gunna been did dat bomb or is yall buncha faggot ass bitchz? We is the hairy-ann race, we needa did dat shit. Yall pussy ass.”

(I’m just joking. It’s a joke about black women working at the FBI.)

The internet is now just a complete minefield of FBI agents trying to justify this fake “domestic terrorism” boogieman hoax they’ve created. They’re apparently getting desperate, because they’ve got Madison Cawthorn – a cripple and a total cuck – out there talking about how he’s planning to bust the people arrested on January 6 out of prison.

So, yeah – no one can register on the forum, currently. I’m trying to figure out a system of invites, so we can get some new people. So maybe if you know someone with an account, in the future you can get an account. But right now, if you’re looking for more great content from the people who brought you Hoax Watch (formerly Tranny Watch), you can read the forum. If you want to flip through my posts there, here’s my account.

I write a lot of long posts there that aren’t totally organized enough to post here on the site. I often say when I’m writing them “I’ll turn this into an article” and then often don’t ever do that.

The Beef

To sort of head toward the point, which is in the title: I’ve been meaning to write a Self-Help Sunday article on the fact that many, most, or maybe even all millennial men appear to view outrageous displays of emotion as somehow representative of masculinity, when in reality, the exact opposite is true.

Displays of anger in particular are looked at as somehow masculine, despite the fact that anger on display is traditionally a feminine behavior. The most obvious example of this is Antifa, where these really weak and disgusting-looking effeminate men act like they’re tough guys because they lash out in tantrums, screaming and smashing things. Obviously, the ability to engage in efficient violence is something masculine, but if you’ve ever met a pro boxer, trained martial artist, or serious solider – people who are good at violence – you will notice that they are typically calm, reserved, and straight-talking. They don’t go around having emotional fits, or try to demonstrate their power by getting angry or acting like a tough guy. As a general matter, acting like a tough guy is inversely correlated with actual toughness, and is instead simply a sign of insecurity and emotional instability.

Obviously, anger is an emotion that we have all felt, and most of us have probably acted on it to some extent or another. But just so, we’ve also all felt sadness or depression, but none of us has ever imagined that crying in public is a masculine activity. It is very solid advice to recognize your own emotions, including anger and sadness, but to also recognize that publicly displaying anger is truly on par with crying in public in terms of its appropriateness for a grown man. Toddlers cry and they also throw temper tantrums. A man who does either is on the emotional level of a toddler.

You will feel anger. You should not act out of anger. Your actions should never be driven by anger. Your actions should be deliberate, and your temperament should be composed. Public displays of anger, like public crying, show a lack of self-control, and a person without self-control cannot be a person expected to be in control of anything else.

Certainly, if you break into an angry rage and beat someone up, or even just intimidate them, you’ve done an action of violence that might make people afraid of you. That can make a person feel powerful, which I think is at the root of this: men should have power, but men in our society have no power; they’ve been stripped of their role as heads of families (providers and protectors), stripped of their roles as respected and skilled professionals, and stripped of their basic dignity, and therefore anything that makes a man feel powerful is prized. So you have this very sad situation where men believe outrageous displays of anger are akin to masculinity.

Ted Kaczynski had some interesting things to say about this issue of power in his manifesto.

Making people afraid of you because you’re an emotionally unstable maniac who threatens and attacks people is not going to result in being respected or developing a positive self-image.

Obviously, a composed temperament and deliberate action is an ideal. We are all broken by this social order we suffer under. So getting angry and acting on anger is something that happens, and I do understand it. I have struggled with anger as well. I don’t think it’s likely an exaggeration to say that everyone reading this has. My point is that any display of anger, and related “tough guy” faux machismo, should be a source of shame rather than pride.

This is a bigger issue than what I just wrote, as it has roots in feminism which are important to understand. There should also be solutions for managing anger, and developing a positive sense of self based on self-control and self-respect. The issue of dealing with women also comes into play here – I’ve seen basically every millennial man I’ve ever known try to channel anger as a way to change the behavior of women. That has never worked, but it makes sense why a man would naturally think it would work. That needs to be elaborated on**.

In the future, I will rewrite what I just wrote and go into the rest of the details of this issue, and include much better images.

I made some comment about how I intended to write about this issue on the Gamer Uprising, noting that I hadn’t seen many people ever comment on what seems to be a very obvious and important topic, and here is a reader response:

You haven’t seen much comment on such behavior because there isn’t a lot to be said about it.

The root cause is, predictably, kikes.

They pushed feminism, and over decades the empowerment of the female has led to increased custody rights among increasingly divorced females.

Young males instinctively pay attention to figures of authority, and the authority power has been handed over to irrational, petty, vindictive, emotional and uncontrollable women.

Thus, young men who learn such behavior tend to embody and perpetuate the feminine behavior as a means of demonstrating their own “power”.

I need not say this, but it has been – and still is – sickening to witness.

Men should be calm and cool, and always ready to act.

Due to the jewish empowerment of the female, today’s younger men (under 40) are more likely to “act” (a role made for a female) and then be calm and cool when they feel they’ve whined enough and put their feelings on full display — or until they have sufficiently been put in their place (yet again!) by a woman out-womaning them.

…Or they could very well be put in their place by an actual man, for sure.

But there are less and less real men as the years and decades pass, and the younger men drift further away from being able to understand when they’ve been put in their place.

(insert funny closer here)

He didn’t have a funny closer.

I don’t either.

Well, I mean – I have this:

*They are going to start broadcasting vax propaganda into your dreams at some point, guaranteed. In this new moral order, literally anything can now be justified 

**Instead of writing this half-article with a pointless rambling introduction, I should just delete the rambling introduction and then save the good part as a draft for a later piece. But I won’t. It’s too late. I have personal things to do today, and the website must have content. But I will write the full article on anger. That day will come. In fact, it should be a chapter in a book that someone should help me edit. Can you imagine how many books worth of good material are on this website, if we were to do the ultimate sifting?