Eminem Articulates Unhappiness with Donald Trump’s Job Performance

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2017

So what happened to the real Slim Shady? It looks like the real Slim Shady was nothing but a cuckold social justice warrior faggot.

Throughout the 1990s, rap music was a fairly new form of niggerism that was heavily promoted by the Jewish media. It was during this time that this once niche part of Black culture was thrust into the mainstream by Jewish music executives. Numerous low IQ Negro rappers were turned into instant celebrities because they performed retarded songs containing lyrics about hoes, drugs, guns and money.

Eminem was unique because he was a White rapper who came to prominence during this time period. You could argue that he did rap better than most of the Negroes based on the success he had. Part of the reason he was successful was because his lyrics were politically incorrect and considered edgy for the time. His older tracks even contained negative thoughts about faggots.

And just to be clear, this is not an endorsement of his material. It is merely an explanation of why he became a significant figure in pop culture. The very fact that rap music rose to such prominence in our culture is merely a symptom of the Jewish disease that we are plagued with.

With that said, it’s a bit strange to see Eminem roughly 15 years later as a middle aged 44-year-old still rapping. He put out a freestyle rap recorded in a parking lot where he expresses his dissatisfaction with Donald Trump’s presidency. It’s one of the dumbest things imaginable. You can watch it for yourself but he basically calls Trump a racist, claims he’s going to cause a nuclear holocaust and tells people that they can’t be a fan of his if they support Trump.

It seems as if in his older age Eminem has lost track of what’s trendy and cool. This is someone who has literally made millions of dollars with his rap albums, tours and movie appearances. With all his fame and fortune he doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. While this is probably just a cheap publicity stunt, it’s also a very stupid publicity stunt. He’s defined his new persona as being a middle aged social justice warrior that hates anything associated with Trump. This is like the most uncool type of persona anybody can have right now.

Eminem did have lots of White fans but he’ll definitely have fewer of those after making this video. But who knows, maybe he thinks that he has enough Black fans who will support his material. This clip was broadcast on Black Entertainment Television after all.

The bottom line is that Eminem represented an era that was defined by large amounts of niggerism. That era is over. This new era will be defined on much different terms.